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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-201 - Commissioner districts; charter counties, exception.
19-202 - Commissioners; residence requirements; term; filling vacancies; charter counties, exceptions.
19-203 - Vacancy in office of commissioner, how filled; vacancies created by increase in number of districts, how filled.
19-203a - Vacancy in office of commissioner; vacancies created by increase in number of districts; governor; election options.
19-204 - Rearrangement of commissioner districts; change in number of districts; approval of electors; limitation on changes; charter counties, exception.
19-204a - Change in number of districts, when; procedure if board fails to act.
19-204b - Election of Sherman county commissioners at large; when allowed.
19-205 - Eligibility to office of commissioner; appointment of commissioner to state board; volunteer activities.
19-206 - Meetings of board; when.
19-208 - Allowance of claims monthly.
19-209 - Meetings of board in counties of over 50,000.
19-211 - Sale or disposition of county property; public notice; election, when; publication of certain sales; contracts for sale; lease-purchase agreements; exceptions.
19-212 - Powers of board of commissioners.
19-212a - Withholding from salaries to provide for certain insurance for employees, when.
19-212b - Same; prior action confirmed.
19-212c - Establishment of uniform stationery letterhead; court letterhead approved by district judges.
19-212d - Contracts for group insurance for certain county employees; withholding employee contributions.
19-212f - Establishment or participation in weather modification programs; expenditures.
19-214 - Awarding of certain contracts; public lettings; bond; exemptions.
19-215 - Same; notice of letting contracts; bids.
19-216 - Same; plans and specifications for work.
19-216a - Contracts for bridges damaged or destroyed by disaster.
19-216b - Alternative project delivery building construction procurement act.
19-216c - Same; definitions.
19-216d - Same; criteria for use.
19-216e - Same; procedure, construction management at-risk.
19-216f - Same; procedure, building design-build projects.
19-216g - Proposals; open for public inspection.
19-217 - New townships; area and population; petition; notice.
19-218 - Seal of board of commissioners; open meetings; order of business.
19-219 - Organization of board; chairman, vacancy; charter counties, exception.
19-220 - Powers and duties of chairman.
19-223 - Appeals to district court; notice; bond.
19-224 - Duties of clerk on appeal; procedure.
19-225 - Supplies for county officers; official seals.
19-226 - Record of orders.
19-227 - Annual financial statement; publication.
19-228 - Statement of expenditures; publication of statement or summary of expenditures and balances.
19-229 - Control of expenditures.
19-230 - Plat and record of new or altered township.
19-232 - Unauthorized fees or costs; action to recover; penalty and attorney's fee.
19-233 - Violation of law by commissioner; penalty; bond of commissioner, approval, filing.
19-236 - Emergency expenses; no-fund warrants; tax levies; limitations.
19-236a - Civil defense in certain counties; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-241 - County charges and expenses; tax levy, use of proceeds.
19-242 - Unlawful allowances; issuance of warrants or warrant checks for more than allowed.
19-243 - Violation of 19-241, 19-242 or failure to perform duties; penalty.
19-247 - Duties of county counselor.
19-248 - Effect of act on office of county attorney.
19-250 - Reproduction and preservation of public records, other than court records; minimum standards.
19-251 - Same; equipment and facilities; operation.
19-252 - Same; deemed original record; evidence; transcript.
19-260a - Appointment of purchasing officer in Johnson and Sedgwick counties; compensation, clerk hire, expenses; bond.
19-260b - Same; duties; supplies and equipment; contracts; report; requisition for purchases; small purchases; bids.
19-264 - Counties over 150,000; petty cash funds, limitation; uses.
19-265 - Same; expenditure limitations; fund for redemption of unsold fish and game licenses.
19-266 - Same; monthly statement of payments from fund to county clerk; restoration.
19-267 - Same; maintenance in cash; number of funds authorized; instructions, reconciling entries; withdrawal of authority.
19-268 - Pay periods for county employees.
19-269 - Powers of board of commissioners; travel policy; advancement of expenses.
19-270 - Special benefit districts; creation or enlargement; approval of board of county commissioners, required.