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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-801a - Sheriff; election, term, bond.
19-801b - Qualifications for office; law enforcement certification required; waiver; status and salary while in attendance.
19-801c - Eligibility of sheriffs holding office on July 1, 1972, for nomination and election.
19-802 - Condition of such bond.
19-803 - Appointment of undersheriff.
19-804 - Vacancy in office of sheriff, how filled; duties and liabilities of undersheriff.
19-804a - Exercise of functions of sheriff by county clerk, when.
19-805 - Deputies and undersheriffs; duties; meetings and seminars; budget; limitation of personnel action.
19-805a - Special deputies; appointment, revocation; bonds.
19-805b - Same; authority of special deputies.
19-805c - Same; act extends appointing power.
19-807d - Sheriff's deputies for police protection in certain townships; agreements; contributions by townships; tax levies.
19-810 - Appointment of undersheriff or deputy to be in writing; revocation.
19-811 - Charge and custody of jail; liability for acts.
19-812 - Process, writs, precepts and orders; court attendance; fees.
19-812a - Montgomery county; duties of sheriff.
19-812b - Neosho county; duties of sheriff.
19-813 - Preservation of peace.
19-814 - What sheriff shall deliver to successor.
19-815 - Writs in hand on expiration of term or removal.
19-816 - Default or misconduct of deputy after death, resignation or removal of sheriff.
19-817 - Action for default or misconduct of sheriff or deputy.
19-818 - Service of paper on sheriff.
19-820 - Default as to writ or process; penalties.
19-821 - Demanding or receiving illegal fees; penalties.
19-822 - Uniforms and display of badges by sheriff and deputies; requirements; exceptions.
19-823 - Same; allowance for uniform expense in counties under 200,000.
19-824 - Uniforms.
19-826 - Fingerprinting of sheriff and candidates for office of sheriff; exception; fingerprints forwarded to K.B.I. for background investigation; cost.
19-827 - Payment for services provided by certain special deputies.
19-828 - Multijurisdictional law enforcement group.