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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-2106 - Homes for the aged; definition; establishment, procedure; tax levy, use of proceeds; issuance of bonds; election required; designation of infirmary or county home as home for the aged.
19-2106a - Same; maintenance and repair; tax levy, use of proceeds; special fund.
19-2106b - Same; enlargement of homes or additional homes; tax levy, use of proceeds; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election; no-fund warrants; issuance of bonds.
19-2106c - Use of proceeds of certain bonds issued for homes for aged in certain counties in conjunction with bonds hereafter issued or with sinking funds established to provide home for aged.
19-2106d - Use of proceeds of certain bonds for county nursing home facility.
19-2106e - Homes for the aged in certain counties; operation; tax levy, use of proceeds; protest petition and election.
19-2106f - Same; no-fund warrants in counties unable to levy tax for 1972 operation.
19-2107 - Homes for the aged; elections under 19-2106; notice; ballots; tax levies; collection; fund.
19-2108 - Same; acquisition of site; contracts; plans and specifications; bids.
19-2109 - Same; eminent domain.
19-2110 - Same; supervision of operation; compensation; rules and regulations; administrator and employees.
19-2111 - Same; acceptance of property or funds by commissioners; uses of.
19-2112 - Same; lease or rental, when; resolution.
19-2113 - Same; sale of county farm; infirmary or home; resolution or petition; election; ballot.
19-2113a - Same; reservation of minerals or mineral rights upon sale of county farm, when.
19-2114 - Same; notice; manner of conducting sale.
19-2115 - Same; use of moneys received from sale of county farm.
19-2116 - Same; special fund; use.
19-2117 - Certain counties between 30,000 and 40,000; warrants for home for aged; limitations.
19-2118 - Homes for the aged; acceptance of federal funds; uses.
19-2119 - Same; sale of county infirmary or home; use of funds.
19-2120 - County homes for aged in counties under 3,000 and certain counties between 5,400 and 6,000; use of certain funds.
19-2121 - Same; fund not subject to budget law.
19-2122 - Homes for the aged in certain counties; operation; tax levy, use of proceeds; election required.
19-2123 - Homes for aged; revenue bonds for acquisition of site, construction, equipping and furnishing addition; resolution, publication.
19-2124 - Same; pledge of revenues and proceeds of gifts or bequests; covenants; bond and reserve funds; payment of cost of operation and maintenance.
19-2125 - Same; revenue bonds not indebtedness of county, home for aged or county commissioners.
19-2126 - Same; revenue bonds negotiable instruments; interest rate; not registered with state treasurer.
19-2127 - Same; covenants and agreements to insure payment of revenue bonds and effect purposes of act; rules and regulations and fees and charges for use of home.
19-2128 - Same; use and disposition of proceeds from sale of revenue bonds; county commissioners authorized to contract for construction, furnishing and equipping home.
19-2129 - Same; interest on revenue bonds, tax exemption.
19-2130 - Same; investments in revenue bonds authorized; bonds approved as collateral security.