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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-2601 - Place of county offices; office hours; penalty for failure to keep open.
19-2604 - Deputies' oaths; deposit with bonds.
19-2605 - County commissioners defined.
19-2606 - Resignation by elected county officers.
19-2607 - New officer to finish business and records of predecessor; records as evidence.
19-2609 - Removal of county officer.
19-2612 - Removal or cutting of hedge fences, trees and shrubs; cutting weeds; removing signboards and board fences; expenses.
19-2618 - Water mains in or along highway; petition.
19-2619 - Same; rules and regulations.
19-2620 - Same; unlawful acts.
19-2621 - Same.
19-2622 - Same; penalty; damages; costs.
19-2623 - Same; land for water mains; eminent domain.
19-2633 - When plats of land outside city to be filed with county commissioners.
19-2633a - Vacation of Hillcrest Heights as platted in Cowley county.
19-2633b - Vacation of Cave Springs townsite in Elk county.
19-2635 - Funds lost by bank failure; powers of county commissioners; tax levy, use of proceeds; bonds.
19-2636 - Same; tax levy limitation; excess funds.
19-2637 - Same; issuance of bonds to replace funds; terms and denomination of bonds; limitations inapplicable.
19-2638 - Same; pending actions not barred; disposition of moneys recovered.
19-2643 - Lease of park plots to youth camps in certain counties.
19-2644 - Shawnee and Mission townships in Johnson county designated urban areas; law enforcement.
19-2645 - Same; joint county and city use of vehicles and equipment.
19-2646 - Same; appointment of policemen; powers; oaths; bond.
19-2647 - Preservation of historical records in counties; declaration of public interest.
19-2648 - Same; resolution; publication; protest petition; election.
19-2649 - Same; supervisor or curator; appointment, compensation, duties; designation of incorporated museum or society as supervisor or curator, when, compensation.
19-2650 - Same; acceptance of gifts or loans.
19-2651 - Same; tax levy, use of proceeds; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election.
19-2652 - Issuance of no-fund warrants in certain counties to repair or replace water lines serving county park.
19-2653 - Same; tax levies to pay warrants; surplus funds.
19-2654 - Johnson county, Sedgwick county; designated as urban area.
19-2655 - Counties over 180,000; long term leases of land to sheriff's posses.
19-2656 - City of Overland Park and Oxford township in Johnson county designated urban area.
19-2657 - Same; annexation of certain land located in urban area; ordinance.
19-2658 - Disposal of refuse; acquisition of lands; improvements and equipment; contracts with city.
19-2659 - Same; costs; bonds; election, when; exemption from county bonded debt limitations.
19-2660 - Same; disposal facility; operation; contracts with political subdivisions.
19-2661 - Same; fees and charges; fund, use; expenses from general fund, when.
19-2662 - Same; disposition of lands acquired; use of moneys received from sale.
19-2663 - Museum and cultural center in counties between 10,000 and 15,000 with $45,000,000 valuation.
19-2664 - Same; election; amount of bonds.
19-2665 - Same; museum board.
19-2666 - Same; name of board; limitation on powers.
19-2667 - Same; organization and meetings of board.
19-2668 - Same; specific powers of board.
19-2669 - Same; treasurer of board.
19-2670 - Citizens commission on local government in counties between 170,000 and 200,000; membership; qualifications.
19-2671 - Same; meeting to select appointive members; officers; rules of procedure; meetings; vacancies.
19-2672 - Same; duties of commission.
19-2673 - Same; contracts; receipt and expenditure of moneys.
19-2674 - Same; minutes of meetings; report and recommendations to legislature.
19-2675 - Building fund; transfer of unexpended balance.
19-2676 - Definitions.
19-2677 - Franchises for the operation of solid waste management systems; conditions and procedure for granting.
19-2678 - County recreational, community service and social programs for the aging; payment of cost.
19-2679 - Central motor pools in counties authorized; use charges.
19-2680 - County charters in counties declared to be urban areas; adoption and amendment; charter to govern local legislation and administration; authorized provisions; limitations.
19-2681 - Same; charter commission, establishment.
19-2682 - Same; charter commission membership; appointment.
19-2683 - Same; charter commission; organization, rules and meetings; compensation; office space; expense of operation.
19-2684 - Same; proposed charter; public hearings; reports to county commissioners; contents of reports; legal opinion; dissolution of commission.
19-2685 - Same; submission of proposed charter to electors; adoption.
19-2686 - Same; eligibility of charter commission members to election to county commission.
19-2687 - Inventory and record of county property; duty of officers; delegation of commissioners' duties authorized.
19-2688 - Same; action to recover.
19-2689 - Kansas association of counties; participating employer in KPERS.
19-2690 - Same; instrumentality of member counties; powers; liability of members; disposition of property if dissolved.
19-2691 - Coliseum events fund in certain counties; payment of expenses of shows or events.
19-2692 - Coliseum concessions fund in certain counties; payment of expenses of concessions operation.
19-2692a - Special recreation facilities fund.
19-2693 - Reports, documentation and controls relating to coliseum funds; approval of contracts; bond.
19-2694 - Apportionment and distribution of local ad valorem tax reduction fund based on county population; duties of state treasurer.
19-2695 - Conveyance of land forming part of Lone Star Lake to Douglas county.
19-2696 - Leasing of lands by Hodgeman county to Santa Fe Trail Council of Boy Scouts of America.
19-2697 - Sanitary land fill; Haskell county.
19-2698 - Services for the physically handicapped; tax levy; procedure to authorize levy.
19-2699 - Cloud county fair board; membership; qualifications; election; term; vacancies; officers.
19-26,100 - Tax levy for arts program in Wyandotte county.
19-26,101 - Conveyance of land in Wichita county to city of Leoti.
19-26,102 - Vacation of certain property in Lyon county, procedure; reversion of property.
19-26,103 - Wyandotte county land bank; definitions.
19-26,104 - Same; establishment; governance; authorities and duties of county commissioners.
19-26,105 - Same; budgets; accounts and records; annual reports.
19-26,106 - Same; composition of board; authorities and duties; conflicts of interest; suits.
19-26,107 - Same; powers of board.
19-26,108 - Same; transfers of property.
19-26,109 - Same; administration of property, duties of board.
19-26,110 - Same; sale of property by board; conditions; consolidation.
19-26,111 - Same; exemption of property from taxation; exceptions.
19-26,112 - Same; use of moneys received from sale of property.
19-26,113 - Same; advisory committees, establishment.
19-26,114 - Counties; certain resolutions void as against public policy.