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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-2716 - Formation of taxing district for fire protection and street lighting; petition; enlargement of boundaries, when.
19-2717 - Same; certification of tax levy by township board; limitations; certain counties between 125,000 and 165,000; election.
19-2718 - Same; duties of township board.
19-2719 - Same; disorganization of taxing district; disposition of fund.
19-2721 - Street lights without city limits; contracts.
19-2722 - Same; lighting to be in platted areas.
19-2723 - Same; petition.
19-2724 - Same; notice of public hearing.
19-2725 - Same; service; publication; proof.
19-2726 - Same; contracts for lighting.
19-2727 - Same; terms of contract; extent of liability.
19-2728 - Same; special assessments.
19-2729 - Same; collected as other taxes; payment to contractor.
19-2730 - Same; limitation of actions; assessment subsequent to regular meeting; notice.
19-2745a - Easement granted to Mission township main sewer district No. 1.
19-2745b - Same; description.
19-2745c - Same; easement rights.
19-2745d - Same; restrictions and conditions.
19-2752a - Issuance of no-fund warrants for additional revenue subsequent to bond election for sewer system and disposal plant; limitation; approval of state board of tax appeals; procedure.
19-2752b - Enlargement of main sewer district; petition; resolution; tax levies.
19-2752d - Jurisdiction over main sewer district area after its incorporation as a city.
19-2752e - County clerk as clerk of sewer district.
19-2752g - Use of certain unexpended funds for improvements and facilities of main sewer district.
19-2752h - Main sewer district; additional powers of governing body; resolutions; notice and hearing; costs, how paid; appeals.
19-2752i - Sewer districts in counties having townships of 5,000 or more; connection of lateral sewer with main sewer system; incorporation as lateral sewer district or attachment to other district; enlargement; procedure.
19-2753 - Improvement districts; petition; incorporation.
19-2754 - Same; contents of petition; statement.
19-2755 - Same, incorporation and organization; notice and hearing; factors considered in determining advisability.
19-2755a - Same; inclusion of land in other benefit districts.
19-2756 - Same; hearing, findings and determination; public corporation; name; perpetual succession.
19-2757 - Same; record of organization; first election.
19-2758 - Same; qualifications of voters.
19-2759 - Same; election of directors.
19-2760 - Same; directors; election, qualifications, term.
19-2761 - Same; filling a vacancy in board of directors.
19-2763 - Same; organization of district by directors; officers, powers and duties; county treasurer's duties; district treasurer's duties.
19-2764 - Same; meetings of the board of directors; compensation of directors and assessors; payment.
19-2765 - Same; powers and duties.
19-2765a - Same; use of revenue derived from sewage disposal system charges; fund.
19-2765c - Same; investment of sewer and water expansion funds.
19-2766 - Same; powers of the board of directors.
19-2766a - Same; enforcement of resolutions; penalties for violations.
19-2766b - Same; actions for enforcement of resolutions; costs; fees and mileage for witnesses; fines and penalties, disposition of.
19-2766c - Same; appeals.
19-2767 - Same; powers and duties of board; surveys, plans and estimates; engineer's report.
19-2768 - Same; election to authorize general levy, when; bond issue; notice; canvass of return.
19-2769 - Same; special assessments; assessors, appointment, report; notice; hearing; equalization; contest action, when.
19-2770 - Same; issuance of improvement bonds; request for issuance of general obligation bonds of the county; payment of bonds.
19-2771 - Same; form of general obligation bonds.
19-2772 - Same; sale of bonds; use of proceeds.
19-2773 - Same; levy and collection of assessments to pay bonds.
19-2773a - Same; special assessment on property owned by certain improvement districts located in counties over 300,000 declared void; cancellation.
19-2774 - Same; special road and street improvements; petition; engineer's report; notice to owners; protests; special assessments; bonds.
19-2775 - Same; revenue producing works; rates; notice; contracts; revenue bonds.
19-2776 - Same; issuance of revenue bonds; lien.
19-2777 - Same; terms of revenue bonds.
19-2778 - Same; power of directors to operate revenue producing works.
19-2779 - Same; failure of director to perform; penalties.
19-2780 - Same; penalties for unlawful acts.
19-2781 - Same; liability for damages.
19-2782 - Same; petition to be included by adjacent taxpayers and others.
19-2783 - Same; contents of petition.
19-2784 - Same; hearing; notice.
19-2785 - Same; hearing; decision.
19-2786 - Same; petition by directors of an existing drainage district for incorporation; notice and hearing; proceedings.
19-2786a - Same; consolidation of adjoining districts; petition; joint meeting.
19-2786b - Same; resolution of proposed consolidation; publication; election; resolution of consolidation.
19-2786c - Same; terms of consolidation; effect.
19-2786d - Same; annexation of district by city; inclusion of district in newly incorporated city; liability of city; special assessments.
19-2786e - Same; annexation of part of district by city or inclusion of part of district in newly incorporated city; agreements as to liabilities and obligations; special assessments; failure to contract, effect.
19-2786f - Same; district revenue producing utility taken over by city; distribution of cash to subscribers, when.
19-2786g - Same; disorganization of district, when; procedure; outstanding bonds; surplus fund, disposition.
19-2786h - Same; tax levies for additional police protection; contracts with sheriff.
19-2786i - Same; tax levy for maintenance of district; protest petition and election.
19-2786j - Same; detachment of land from district, procedure.
19-27,127 - Sidewalks and pedestrian way in urban area counties.
19-27,128 - Same; costs.
19-27,129 - Storm drainage districts in counties designated urban areas.
19-27,130 - Same; creation, designation and determination of boundaries; petition by city; publication and filing resolution.
19-27,131 - Same; establishment of improvement and maintenance program; costs.
19-27,132 - Same; creation of district fund; use of moneys in fund.
19-27,133 - Same; annual tax levy.
19-27,134 - Same; general obligation bonds; publication of notice; petition; election.
19-27,135 - Same; political subdivisions may cooperate with county.
19-27,136 - Public parking facilities in counties between 175,000 and 210,000; acquisition.
19-27,137 - Same; issuance of bonds authorized.
19-27,138 - Same; regulations governing operation; fees for use; penalty provisions.
19-27,139 - Same; penalty for violating regulations.
19-27,150 - Regulations for use of county parking lots in certain counties.
19-27,151 - Same; penalties for violations.
19-27,155 - Conveyance of certain land by county sewer district to an improvement district.
19-27,156 - Golf courses in certain counties; capital improvements; tax levy, use of proceeds; adoption and publication of resolution; protest petition and election.
19-27,170 - Sewer districts in Finney county; financing cost of district.
19-27,171 - Same; notice.
19-27,172 - Same; property not benefited.
19-27,173 - Oaklawn improvement district; excess moneys in bond and interest fund, expenditure authorized.
19-27,181 - Sedgwick county; public improvements; definitions.
19-27,182 - Same; work on improvements authorized; special assessments.
19-27,183 - Same; combining improvements.
19-27,184 - Same; initiation of improvement; notice and hearing, when; benefit district; petition procedure for initiation; resolution determining advisability of improvement.
19-27,185 - Same; feasibility report; plans and specifications; estimates; bids.
19-27,186 - Same; action by governing body; protest petitions.
19-27,187 - Same; apportionment of costs.
19-27,188 - Same; assessment plan; classifications, formulae and methods of assessing.
19-27,189 - Same; assessment rolls; notice and hearing.
19-27,190 - Same; levy of assessments; interest; payments in full; payments by taxing units.
19-27,191 - Same; action to set aside assessments, limitation.
19-27,192 - Same; supplemental assessments; reassessments and new assessments.
19-27,193 - Same; cost of improvements, how paid; limitations.
19-27,194 - Same; special improvement fund; use of money therefrom.
19-27,195 - Same; districts in or adjacent to cities.
19-27,196 - Same; districts created by a city overlapping or adjacent to city limits.
19-27,197 - Same; validity of act.