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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-3501 - Definitions.
19-3502 - Conditions and restrictions on organization and establishment; powers.
19-3502a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
19-3503 - Petition for creation; determination by county commissioners; notice and hearing; creation; ratification of districts previously established; disorganization.
19-3504 - Enlargement of district; petition.
19-3505 - Board; election; terms; officers; oath; qualifications; salary; expenses; bonds.
19-3505a - Issuance of no-fund warrants by board, when; expending moneys; tax levy, collection and disposition.
19-3506 - Survey commission; appointment; qualifications; personnel; survey report to board; approval of plan by board; publication; recordation.
19-3507 - Elections, voting places; election officer, duties; candidates for office, filing as; election procedure and cost; eligible voters.
19-3507a - Same; notice of elections, requirements; canvass of elections; expenses, how paid.
19-3507b - Same; duties of election commissioner.
19-3508 - Revenue bonds; election; petition for resubmission; tax levies to pay expenses, when.
19-3509 - Management, control, maintenance and enlargement of system; supply water for other water utilities and political subdivisions; insurance for employees; property.
19-3510 - General manager; term, qualifications, duties; bond; retirement plans.
19-3511 - Mains, waterworks and plants; eminent domain.
19-3512 - Annexation of territory or extension of boundaries; procedure; election; dissolution of certain rural water districts, when.
19-3514 - Rules and regulations relating to use of water and rates therefor; cost of extensions.
19-3515 - Contracts with other water utilities or public agencies to supply water; rates and charges.
19-3516 - Issuance, sale, registration and terms of revenue bonds; fixing of service rates and charges; deposit and use of revenues; sinking fund; liens; annual audits; bids, when; exceptions; lease purchase agreements; finance leases.
19-3516a - Refunding water district revenue bonds issued under 19-3516; conditions.
19-3517 - Procedure for purchase or acquisition of existing water supply and distribution system; assumption of indebtedness.
19-3518 - Same; certificate of convenience and necessity canceled.
19-3519 - Payment of claims, accounts and necessary expenses; penalty for fraudulent claim; surety bonds.
19-3520 - Meetings of board; keeping and inspection of records; quorum.
19-3521 - Annual financial statements; publication of summary; copies available.
19-3521a - Chlorination and fluoridation of water supply of district, when; notice; election provisions; fluoridation standards.
19-3521b - Grant of easement to water district no. 1 of Johnson county; conditions; purposes; costs.
19-3522 - Definitions.
19-3523 - Purpose of act.
19-3524 - Johnson county designated as urban area.
19-3525 - Proceeding to incorporate; notice of public hearing.
19-3526 - Declaration of district organization, when; resolution; publication; name of district; quasi-municipality.
19-3527 - Records relating to incorporation; filing.
19-3528 - Governing body of district.
19-3529 - Organization of the board.
19-3530 - Meetings of the board; annual audit.
19-3531 - Powers of the board.
19-3532 - Issuance of revenue bonds; conditions; limitations; fixing rates, fees and charges; agreements, covenants and restrictions.
19-3533 - Issuance of no-fund warrants; tax levies; limitations inapplicable.
19-3534 - Title of act.
19-3535 - Invalidity of part.
19-3536 - Definitions.
19-3537 - Preliminary survey and estimate of cost of improvements; fees, payment; filing plans and surveys with county clerk.
19-3538 - Creation of taxing district by board, when; territory excluded.
19-3539 - Production and distribution facilities; assessment of cost; engineers and employees.
19-3540 - Costs and expenses; tax levies; bonds; special or other reasonable assessment plan; notice and hearing; limitation on actions.
19-3541 - Special maintenance tax levy; user charges.
19-3542 - Acquisition of property; contracts with municipalities for facilities.
19-3543 - Construction and maintenance of lines along highways; contracts for purchase and sale of water.
19-3544 - System of production and distribution facilities; cost.
19-3545 - Purpose of act; purpose of districts.
19-3546 - Definitions.
19-3547 - Joint exercise of powers by certain public agencies; agreements among agencies, contents; submission to attorney general; filing of agreement.
19-3547a - Inclusion of land located in other benefit districts.
19-3548 - Furnishing of funds, personnel or services by certain public agencies; agreements between public agencies and wholesale water supply districts for purchase and sale of water; terms and conditions.
19-3549 - Declaration of district organization, when; quasi-municipal corporation.
19-3550 - Governing body; appointments; terms of members.
19-3551 - Meetings of governing body; annual audit.
19-3552 - Powers of governing body.
19-3553 - Issuance of revenue bonds; conditions; fixing rates, fees and charges; agreements, covenants and restrictions.
19-3554 - Issuance of no-fund warrants; assessments.
19-3555 - Invalidity of part.
19-3556 - Citation of act.
19-3557 - General obligation bonds; certain districts; refunding of revenue bonds; tax levies.