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2019 Statute

Section Number

19-4601 - Definitions.
19-4602 - Existing hospitals governed by act; exceptions.
19-4603 - County hospitals, procedure to establish; petition and election; bonds; dissolution of certain districts; detachment of territory from certain districts.
19-4604 - Same; transfer of hospital property and facilities operated by cities and other district to county; procedure; election.
19-4605 - Same; management of hospital; hospital board; procedure to elect or appoint members; petition; election; term; vacancies.
19-4606 - Same; tax levy, increase; bonds; use of proceeds; limitations.
19-4607 - Same; organization of board; treasurer's bond; meetings; filing of audit report; budget preparation and approval.
19-4608 - Same; deposit of hospital moneys; gifts and other donations; investment of money; financial records; transfer of money to not-for-profit corporation.
19-4609 - Same; compensation and expenses of board members.
19-4610 - Same; powers and duties of board; bylaws; rules and regulations; expenditures and investments; hospital administrator contracts; employees, appointment, bond and benefit plans.
19-4611 - Same; lease of hospital property; contracts for management; emergency or ambulance service; expenditures for recruitment or retention of staff; loans and scholarships for staff; authority to sue; exemption from cash-basis law.
19-4612 - Same; levy for hospital.
19-4613 - Same; eminent domain.
19-4614 - Same; construction projects; bids.
19-4615 - Same; jurisdiction over hospital located in a city.
19-4616 - Same; revenue bonds; notice; use of proceeds.
19-4617 - Same; revenue bonds; pledge of certain revenues.
19-4618 - Same; revenue bonds; not an indebtedness of county or hospital; exempt from debt limit.
19-4619 - Same; revenue bonds; negotiability; interest rate; terms.
19-4620 - Same; revenue bonds; covenants and agreements.
19-4621 - Same; revenue bonds; deposit of proceeds.
19-4622 - Same; revenue bonds; tax exemptions.
19-4623 - Same; revenue bonds; investment of proceeds.
19-4624 - Same; title to property.
19-4625 - Same; termination of operation; procedure; election; disposition of property; abolition of board; transfer of moneys to county.
19-4626 - Same; no-fund warrants; purpose; procedure; tax levy.