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2019 Statute

Section Number

20-2601 - Definitions.
20-2601a - Abolition of Kansas judges retirement board; transfer of powers, duties and functions to board of trustees of Kansas public employees retirement system; preservation of decisions, determinations and rules and regulations; adoption of new rules and regulations.
20-2601b - Abolition of Kansas retirement fund for judges; transfer of assets to Kansas public employees retirement fund; credit of contributions; authorizing transfer endorsements.
20-2601c - Preservation of entitlement to receive retirement annuity or other benefit or return of contributions from Kansas retirement fund for judges.
20-2603 - Judges' member contributions; payroll deductions; disposition; interest; employer pickup of member contributions.
20-2605 - Employment of actuary, duties; employer contribution rate; request for appropriation; actuarial cost of new enactments.
20-2606 - Refund of accumulated contributions, when; reinstatement to original membership status, return of withdrawn contributions; purchase of previously forfeited service credit.
20-2607 - Death prior to or subsequent to retirement; refund to beneficiary, when.
20-2608 - Retirement ages; exceptions; early retirement benefit reduction.
20-2609 - Retirement annuity for permanently disabled; application; examination; finding by supreme court; eligibility for retirement under 20-2608; final average salary adjustment.
20-2610 - Retirement annuity; computation; maximum; final average salary.
20-2610a - Retirement annuity options; elections of judge and spouse; joint annuitants.
20-2610d - Application of act.
20-2611 - Statement of facts upon retirement; determination of amount of annuity.
20-2612 - Annuity payments; re-examination of permanently disabled, when; discontinuance of payments, when.
20-2614 - Appointment of successor upon retirement of justice or judge.
20-2616 - Designation and assignment of retired justices and judges to perform judicial service and duties; revocation; powers; compensation and expense allowances, limitation.
20-2618 - Benefits exempt from state and local taxes and legal process and nonassignable, exceptions for decrees for support and maintenance and qualified domestic relations orders and lump-sum death benefit assigned to a funeral establishment.
20-2620 - District magistrate judges to become members of retirement system for judges; transfer of contributions; purchase of service credit.
20-2621 - Purchase of additional benefits for service credit by certain judges.
20-2622 - Employment of retirants; temporary judicial duties; agreement; stipend, amount; state health care benefits; no limitation on court's authority to make judicial assignments pursuant to law.
20-2623 - Applicability of federal internal revenue code and K.S.A. 74-49,123 to the system.
20-2624 - Retirement system for judges as division of KPERS; applicability of KPERS provisions.
20-2625 - Purchase of participating service credit for certain military service.
20-2626 - Purchase of service for VISTA service.
20-2627 - Purchase of service credit for service pursuant to an assigned judicial duties agreement.