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2019 Statute

Section Number

20-2901 - Proposition of method of selection of judges of district court; submission of proposition on filing of petition or in newly established district.
20-2902 - Application of 20-2903 to 20-2913 to judicial districts adopting proposition of nonpartisan selection of judges of the district court, judicial district defined; effect on terms of incumbent judges; constitutional restriction on political activities; removal.
20-2903 - District judicial nominating commission; establishment; composition; chairperson, appointment, duties; purpose of commission.
20-2904 - Same; lawyer members; qualifications; selection.
20-2905 - Same; nonlawyer members; numbers; qualifications; appointments; certification.
20-2906 - Same; terms of office; members ineligible for certain positions; vacancies.
20-2907 - Same; oath of members; meetings; meeting place; rules of procedure; quorum; expenses; duties of county commissioners; public body subject to open meetings act.
20-2908 - Same; retention of incumbent judge; declaration of candidacy; rejection by electors, vacancy; retention, term of office; eligibility for office after rejection; applicability of election laws.
20-2909 - Same; vacancy in office of judge of the district court; nominations for successor by district judicial nominating commission; tendering nominations; certification of nominations to governor; time limitations.
20-2910 - Same; withdrawal of nomination; substitution of nominee; two or more vacancies, withdrawal of lists of nominations; resubmission of nominations.
20-2911 - Same; appointment of successor by governor; time limitations; failure of governor to appoint, appointment by chief justice; effective date of appointment.
20-2912 - Same; taking office; rights, privileges, powers and duties; terms of office, eligibility for retention in office; election on question of retention; term for which retained; rejection, vacancy, appointment of successor; judge's eligibility to succeed himself or herself; failure to declare candidacy, vacancy.
20-2913 - Same; vacancies prior to formation of nominating commission; new judgeships, appointment and term; return to partisan method.
20-2914 - Same; vacancies in district magistrate judge positions; method of selection.
20-2915 - Same; effective date of appointment; eligibility for retention under nonpartisan method.
20-2916 - Same; method of selection of judges in newly formed districts.
20-2917 - Eligibility to nominate or cast ballots for district judicial nominating commission; transmission of roster to secretary of state; open record.