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2019 Statute

Section Number

21-6801 - Citation of article.
21-6802 - Basis for applying sentencing guidelines and prosecuting standards; sentencing court to consider alternatives determining appropriate sentence; determination of time when crime committed; law applicable.
21-6803 - Definitions.
21-6804 - Sentencing grid for nondrug crimes; authority and responsibility of sentencing court; presumptive disposition.
21-6805 - Sentencing grid for drug crimes; authority and responsibility of sentencing court; presumptive disposition.
21-6806 - Sentences of imprisonment, good time; pronouncement of sentence in felony cases; off-grid crimes.
21-6807 - Crime severity scale for nondrug crimes, application to specific crimes; ranking offenses, provision; unranked offenses; unclassified felonies; prior convictions discovered after the plea.
21-6808 - Crime severity scale for drug crimes, application; presumptive sentences.
21-6809 - Criminal history categories in criminal history scale.
21-6810 - Criminal history categories, basis; determination of offenders classification; decay factors; prior convictions.
21-6811 - Determination of offender's criminal history classification in presumptive sentencing guidelines grids.
21-6811b - Determination of offender's criminal history; severability.
21-6811d - Calculating an offender's criminal history; severability.
21-6812 - Actions which prosecutors may take under agreements with defendants for plea; exceptions relating to prior convictions.
21-6813 - Presentence investigation report; information included; part of court record; confidential information, disclosure to certain parties; report format.
21-6814 - Offender's criminal history; admission in court or determined by judge; burden of proof; notice of error by offender.
21-6815 - Imposition of presumptive sentence; jury requirements; departure sentencing; substantial and compelling reasons for departure; mitigating and aggravating factors.
21-6816 - Departure sentencing for drug crimes; finding substantial and compelling reasons for departure; aggravating factors considered in determining if reasons exist.
21-6817 - Departure sentencing; hearing; notice; findings of fact and conclusions of law; order; upward durational departure sentencing; procedures and jury requirements.
21-6818 - Departure sentencing; limitations.
21-6819 - Sentencing in multiple conviction cases; discretion of judge to impose concurrent or consecutive sentences; requirements applicable; departure sentencing based on aggravating factors.
21-6820 - Departure sentence subject to appeal; confinement or release of defendant pending review; scope of review; action by court; written opinion, when; summary disposition; correction of arithmetic or clerical errors.
21-6821 - Good time and program credits; calculation; forfeiture; rules and regulations of secretary; liability.
21-6822 - Sentencing guidelines; changes in; duties of sentencing commission and secretary of corrections; submission to legislature.
21-6823 - Costs and expenses associated with postconviction sanctions for felony convictions.
21-6824 - Nonprison sanction; certified drug abuse treatment programs; assessment; supervision by community corrections or court services; discharge from program; exceptions to placement in program.