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2019 Statute


23-2704. Petition and summons. (a) Verification of petition. The truth of the allegations of any petition under this article must be verified by the petitioner in person or by the guardian of an incapacitated person.

(b) Captions. All pleadings shall be captioned, "In the matter of the marriage of _________ and __________." In the caption, the name of the petitioner shall appear first and the name of the respondent shall appear second, but the respective parties shall not be designated as such.

(c) Contents of petition. The grounds for divorce, annulment or separate maintenance shall be alleged as nearly as possible in the general language of the statute, without detailed statement of facts. If there are minor children of the marriage, the petition shall state their names and dates of birth and shall contain, or be accompanied by an affidavit which contains, the information required by K.S.A. 2019 Supp. 23-37,209, and amendments thereto.

(d) Bill of particulars. The opposing party may demand a statement of the facts which shall be furnished in the form of a bill of particulars. The facts stated in the bill of particulars shall be the specific facts upon which the action shall be tried. If interrogatories have been served on or a deposition taken of the party from whom the bill of particulars is demanded, the court in its discretion may refuse to grant the demand for a bill of particulars. A copy of the bill of particulars shall be delivered to the judge. The bill of particulars shall not be filed with the clerk of the court or become a part of the record except on appeal, and then only when the issue to be reviewed relates to the facts stated in the bill of particulars. The bill of particulars shall be destroyed by the district judge unless an appeal is taken, in which case the bill of particulars shall be destroyed upon receipt of the final order from the appellate court.

(e) Service of process. Service of process shall be made in the manner provided in article 3 of chapter 60 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto.

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