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2019 Statute

Section Number

25-1114 - Definitions.
25-1115 - "General election" and "primary election" defined; dates for primary and general elections specified.
25-1116 - Definitions; national, state, county, city and school elections.
25-1117 - Advance voting; definitions.
25-1118 - Definitions; national, state, county, city and school offices and officers.
25-1119 - Advance voting; voters eligible; procedure.
25-1120 - Advance voting; ballots and ballot envelopes; form and contents; numbering; declaration, form.
25-1121 - Advance voting; ballots and instructions; forms; affidavit when voter unable to sign.
25-1122 - Advance voting; ballot application identification requirements; provisional ballots; time for filing application; satellite advance voting sites; voters needing assistance; permanent advance voting status; records maintained by county election officer; rules and regulations.
25-1122a - Advance voting; casting ballots upon voting machines.
25-1122b - Special election board; appointment; duties.
25-1122c - Advance voting; notice to applicants whose voting in county office on machines authorized.
25-1122d - Advance voting; application for ballot, form; identification, form of; rules and regulations.
25-1122f - Advance voting; replacement ballots.
25-1123 - Advance voting; transmission of ballots; duties of election officer.
25-1124 - Advance voting; marking and mailing or depositing ballots; procedures for voters needing assistance; unlawful acts and penalties.
25-1125 - Residence determination.
25-1126 - Advance voting; voter lists available at voting place.
25-1128 - Advance voting; unlawful acts and penalties; return of ballots to county election officer; procedures for voters needing assistance.
25-1129 - Advance voting; multiple applications, determination of correct address.
25-1130 - Advance voting; ballots for question submitted election; form and instructions; envelopes; procedures.
25-1131 - Rules and regulations by secretary of state.
25-1132 - Advance voting; delivery of ballots; where; deadline for receiving ballots.
25-1133 - Special election boards; how established; when and where to meet.
25-1134 - Advance voting; delivery of ballots to election boards; original canvass and final tabulation, when.
25-1135 - Advance voting; canvass of ballots; procedure by board; 25 ballots to remain uncounted.
25-1136 - Advance voting; advance voting ballots received by mail after polls close; time frame; provisional ballots; challenged and objected to ballots; procedures; rules and regulations.
25-1137 - Certification of total votes; return of materials.
25-1138 - Canvass in voting machine counties.
25-1139 - Advance voting ballots to be marked and transmitted in compliance with statute; exceptions.
25-1140 - Fees and powers of special election board members.