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2019 Statute

Section Number

25-4401 - Electronic and electromechanical voting systems; definitions.
25-4402 - Same; purchase, lease or rent and use by county.
25-4403 - Same; county commission and election officer may authorize; issuance of bonds; abandonment of system, when; direct recording electronic system acquisition prohibited; electronic or electromechanical voting system requirements for acquisition.
25-4404 - Same; certification by secretary of state; statement required.
25-4405 - Same; examination of system by secretary of state; fee; review of existing system; notice and hearing; changes may be required; rescinding approval; testing systems and equipment.
25-4406 - Same; mandatory requirements for electronic or electromechanical systems approved.
25-4407 - Same; acquisition of systems.
25-4408 - Same; storage, repair, delivery to voting places and return to storage.
25-4409 - Same; ballot arrangement and display of information; candidate rotation; duties of election judges.
25-4410 - Same; procedures for voting on paper ballots applicable to systems; sample ballots; instructions and assistance to voters.
25-4411 - Same; vote tabulation equipment; testing; notice; conditions of test; error correction; securing and retention of equipment, programs and ballots.
25-4412 - Same; securing voting systems against voting after polls closed; counting ballots or envelopes; checking against poll book; write-in votes; sealing of ballots and delivery to judges; duties of election officer and election board members at counting location; official returns, open to public, posting; counting ballots manually, when.
25-4413 - Same; recount of ballots.
25-4414 - Electronic or electromechanical voting system fraud; penalty.
25-4415 - Rules and regulations.
25-4416 - Title.