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2019 Statute


48-1608.Administrative procedure and judicial review. (a) In any proceeding under this act for the adoption or amendment of rules and regulations relating to control of sources of radiation or for granting, suspending, revoking or amending any license, the secretary shall afford an opportunity for a hearing on the record upon the written request of any person whose interest may be affected by the proceeding and shall admit any such person as a party to such proceeding.

In any proceeding for licensing ores processed primarily for their source material content and disposal of by-product material or source material mill tailings or for licensing disposal of low-level radioactive waste, the secretary shall provide an opportunity, after public notice, for written comments and a public hearing, and prior to any such proceeding the secretary shall prepare, for each licensed activity which has a significant impact on the human environment, a written analysis of the impact of such licensed activity on the environment. The analysis shall be available to the public before the commencement of any such hearing and shall include an assessment of the radiological and nonradiological impacts to the public health; an assessment of any impact on any waterway and groundwater; consideration of alternatives, including alternative sites and engineering methods, to the activities to be conducted and consideration of the long-term impacts, including decommissioning, decontamination and reclamation of facilities and sites associated with the licensed activities and management of any radioactive materials which will remain on the site after such decommissioning, decontamination and reclamation.

Hearings concerning a license under this act shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act. Procedure for other hearings authorized in this subsection shall be established by rule and regulation of the secretary.

(b) When the secretary, or any of the secretary's duly authorized agents, determines that there are reasonable grounds to believe a violation of the provisions of this act or of the rules and regulations of the secretary has occurred, the secretary shall commence a hearing on the alleged violations or issue an order thereon subject to the right of the person to whom the order is directed to make written request for a hearing within 15 days after service of the order. If a hearing is requested, such hearing shall be held within 30 days after the receipt of the request for hearing, at such time and place as is designated by the secretary. The secretary shall make a determination as to whether the act or the rules and regulations of the secretary have been violated. Hearings under this subsection shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act.

(c) Whenever the secretary or the director of the division of environment of the department finds that an emergency exists requiring immediate action to protect the public health and safety, an emergency order may be issued in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 77-536, and amendments thereto. Any person aggrieved by the issuance of any such emergency order shall be entitled to a hearing in the same manner as is provided in subsection (b).

(d) Any action of the secretary upon a hearing pursuant to this section is subject to review in accordance with the Kansas judicial review act.

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