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2019 Statute

Section Number

50-1001 - Definitions.
50-1002 - Registration required.
50-1003 - Application for registration; contents; bond; issuance; effective date; consent to secretary of state as process agent.
50-1004 - Renewal of registration; fee.
50-1005 - Fees and funds; accounting and deposit in general fund.
50-1006 - Disclosure document to be provided by loan broker; when; contents; amendment of document; estimated disclosure documents and additional documents detailing specific loan information to be provided.
50-1007 - Contracts required to be in writing; retention of copy by borrowing party.
50-1008 - Denial, suspension or revocation of registration; orders and hearing.
50-1009 - Powers of securities commissioner; enforcement of subpoenas; privilege against self-incrimination; certificate of compliance or noncompliance, admissibility in evidence.
50-1010 - Certified copies of documents or records admissible in actions or proceedings under act.
50-1011 - Violations; civil penalties, enforcement.
50-1012 - Same; liability of loan broker to damaged parties; rights of prospective borrower.
50-1013 - Violation of act or cease and desist order, penalties; prosecution.
50-1014 - Rescission of contract under Truth-in-Lending Act; notice to creditor; timely return of consideration required; computation of time period for avoidance of contract.
50-1015 - Account numbers required to be assigned to agreements; loan brokers required to maintain certain records; period and manner of maintenance.
50-1016 - Persons exempt from registration and other duties under act; burden of proof thereof.
50-1017 - Prohibited acts.
50-1018 - False or misleading filing or statement; penalty.