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2019 Statute

Section Number

59-29a01 - Kansas sexually violent predator act; civil commitment of sexually violent predators; legislative findings; time requirements directory.
59-29a02 - Civil commitment of sexually violent predators; definitions.
59-29a03 - Same; notice of release of sexually violent predator by agency with jurisdiction to attorney general and multidisciplinary team, time, contents; immunity from liability; establishing a multidisciplinary team; appointment of a prosecutor's review committee; assessment of person; provisions of section are not jurisdictional.
59-29a04 - Same; petition, time, contents, venue, service; provisions of section are not jurisdictional; county reimbursed for costs; responsibility for costs of medical care and treatment; proceedings are civil in nature.
59-29a04a - Sexually violent predator expense fund.
59-29a05 - Civil commitment of sexually violent predators; determination of probable cause, hearing; evaluation; person taken into custody.
59-29a06 - Same; pretrial conference; trial; counsel, examiners and experts; indigent persons; jury, composition, peremptory challenges.
59-29a07 - Same; determination; appeal; commitment procedure; interagency agreements; mistrials; persons committed and later taken into custody after parole, arrest or conviction, procedure; persons found incompetent to stand trial, procedure.
59-29a08 - Same; examination; annual review hearing for transitional release; rights and procedures; court orders; transitional release program.
59-29a09 - Detention and commitment to conform to constitutional requirements.
59-29a10 - Petitions for transitional or conditional release; procedure.
59-29a11 - Transitional release, conditional release or final discharge; subsequent discharge petitions, limitations; prohibition of location of facilities; facilities subject to zoning; county limitations; annual report by secretary for aging and disability services.
59-29a12 - Same; secretary for aging and disability services; responsible for costs; duties; reimbursement; costs paid by committed person.
59-29a13 - Same; notice to victims of release of persons committed under this act.
59-29a14 - Same; special allegation of sexual motivation; procedure; withdrawal or dismissal.
59-29a15 - Same; severability.
59-29a16 - Same; confidential or privileged information and records.
59-29a17 - Same; court records; sealed and opened by court order.
59-29a18 - Transitional release; examination; annual review hearing for conditional release; rights and procedures; court orders.
59-29a19 - Conditional release; plan of treatment; minimum term; hearing for final release; conditional release monitor; violating conditions of plan or release.
59-29a20 - Bail, bond, house arrest or other release; not eligible.
59-29a21 - Severability.
59-29a22 - Persons in custody of secretary for aging and disability services; rights and rules of conduct; definitions; application of Kansas administrative procedure act and Kansas judicial review act.
59-29a23 - Civil action filed by sexually violent predator; costs related thereto; dismissal; limitations on future actions.
59-29a24 - Civil actions; exhaustion of administrative remedies required. [See Revisor's Note]
59-29a25 - Permanent physiological change, petition for discharge; procedure.
59-29a26 - Post-commitment hearings, evaluations and other expenses; responsibility for costs.
59-29a27 - Post-commitment crime; responsibility for costs of care and custody, costs of prosecution; reimbursement.