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2019 Statute

Section Number

65-406 - Liens upon personal injury damages recovered by patients; exception; enforcement of claimed lien in excess of $5,000.
65-407 - Same; notices and statement of claims; requirements.
65-408 - Same; persons liable to hospital; limitation of actions.
65-409 - Hospital lien; fee for filing; authorized only by legislative enactment.
65-410 - Title of act.
65-411 - Definitions.
65-412 - Administration of act by secretary of health and environment; state medical facilities plan.
65-413 - General powers and duties.
65-415 - Survey and planning activities.
65-416 - State medical facilities plan; provisions.
65-417 - Application for federal funds for survey and planning; expenditure.
65-419 - Same; priority of projects.
65-420 - Medical facility projects; application for funds.
65-421 - Consideration and forwarding of applications; hearing.
65-422 - Inspection of projects; certification.
65-423 - Medical facilities project fund established; deposit of federal moneys; uses.
65-424 - Invalidity of part.
65-424a - Medical facilities; definition.
65-424b - Same; construction, operation and leasing by certain municipalities authorized.
65-425 - Definitions.
65-425a - Definition of "hospital" as used in article 14b of chapter 13 and article 6 of chapter 14 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated.
65-426 - Purpose of act.
65-427 - Licensure.
65-428 - Application for license; contents.
65-429 - Issuance and renewal of licenses; funding the cost of administration of the medical care facilities licensure and risk management program; display of license.
65-430 - Denial, suspension or revocation of license; notice and hearing.
65-431 - Rules and regulations; selection of professional staff; hospital compliance through combined operation.
65-431a - Kansas lay caregiver act; definitions; opportunity for hospital patient to designate lay caregiver; notice; liability.
65-432 - Time for compliance with rules, regulations and standards.
65-433 - Inspections and investigations; rules and regulations; consultations.
65-435a - Development of contents of annual report and inspection form; rules and regulations.
65-436 - Information confidential; exceptions.
65-437 - Annual report of licensing agency.
65-438 - Appeal from decision of licensing agency.
65-439 - Penalties.
65-440 - Injunction.
65-441 - Invalidity of part.
65-442 - Limited liability for medical care facilities and certain duly appointed officials thereof; good faith requirement.
65-442a - Same; act inapplicable to adult care home licensed under chapter 39.
65-443 - Termination of human pregnancy; performance, referral for, or participation in medical procedures not required; prescription or administration of any device or drug not required.
65-444 - Same; medical care facility refusal to permit; establishment of criteria and procedures.
65-445 - Termination of human pregnancy; records; annual reports; confidentiality of information, exceptions; penalties for violations.
65-446 - Medical procedures resulting in sterilization of persons; performance, referral for, or participation in procedures not required.
65-447 - Same; medical care facility refusal to permit; establishment of criteria and procedures authorized.
65-448 - Qualified persons at medical care facilities to examine victims of sexual offenses, when; remedy for refusal; costs.
65-450 - Hospital defined.
65-451 - Construction or modification of certain hospitals prohibited until July 1, 1986.
65-452 - Same; exceptions.
65-453 - Same; emergency waiver, when; secretary of health and environment.
65-454 - Same; action to enjoin violation.
65-468 - Rural health networks; definitions.
65-469 - Same; state policy to encourage rural health networks.
65-470 - Same; participation in or affiliation with a rural health network; contracts.
65-471 - Same; agreements for services; employment of health care providers and other persons; compensation for services performed by health care provider.
65-472 - Same; forming a rural health network and contracting for services not subject to antitrust laws.
65-473 - Same; rules and regulations; minimum standards for rural health networks.
65-474 - Same; insurance and other coverage to provide benefits for services performed by a critical access hospital.