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2019 Statute

Section Number

65-501 - License or temporary permit required; exemptions.
65-503 - Definitions.
65-504 - Licenses; contents; limitations; posting; inspections; temporary permits; access to premises; temporary licenses; denial or revocation of license; procedure.
65-505 - License fees; maternity centers and child care licensing fee fund.
65-506 - Notice of issuance, limitation, modification, suspension or revocation of license; notice to parents or guardians of enrollees of limitation, modification, suspension, revocation or denial; unlicensed placements prohibited.
65-507 - Records of maternity centers and child care facilities; confidentiality.
65-508 - Equipment, supplies, accommodations; competent supervision and care of children; safe sleep practices; rules and regulations; immunizations.
65-510 - Unlawful for child care facility to care for adults; exceptions.
65-512 - Inspections.
65-513 - Changes or alterations required to comply with law; notice; duty of licensee.
65-514 - Violations of article 5 of chapter 65; penalties; notice and hearing.
65-515 - Prosecutions.
65-516 - Restrictions on persons maintaining or residing, working or volunteering at child care facility; criminal history check by secretary of health and environment; information to be provided sponsoring child placement agency; child care criminal background and fingerprinting fund.
65-523 - Grounds for limitation, modification or suspension of license or temporary permit.
65-524 - Suspension, limitation or modification of license or temporary permit prior to hearing; procedure.
65-525 - Disclosure of certain information prohibited, exceptions; consent to disseminate certain information required.
65-526 - Civil fine assessed against licensee; limitations.
65-527 - Drop-in programs and school-age programs in schools and public recreation centers; licensing of.
65-528 - Child care policy of state; desired outcome.
65-529 - Continuation of effect of license, registration or permit.
65-530 - Smoking prohibited in day care homes.
65-531 - Immunization information and records; disclosure.
65-532 - Lexie's law.
65-534 - Online information dissemination system; rules and regulations.
65-535 - Staff secure facility; requirements; services; rules and regulations.
65-536 - Juvenile crisis intervention centers; requirements; premises; admission; treatment plans; rules and regulations; annual report; definitions.