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2019 Statute

Section Number

65-1701 - License; application, issuance; registration and display.
65-1701a - Educational requirements; registration and examination, fees; apprenticeship.
65-1701b - Reciprocal licenses; fees.
65-1702 - Embalmer's license; biennial renewal; fees; notice; suspension and reinstatement; relicensure; rules and regulations; evidence of continuing education required for license renewal; exemption.
65-1702a - Temporary embalming permits for certain purposes; conditions and limitations.
65-1703 - Unlicensed persons; unlawful acts; student and apprentice embalmers; definitions.
65-1704 - Officers of the law.
65-1705 - Penalties for violations.
65-1706 - Use of bodies by school for teaching embalming.
65-1707 - Penalty for embalming without permission of coroner, when.
65-1710 - Questions used for examination.
65-1711 - Record of licenses.
65-1712 - Rules and regulations; submission to secretary of health and environment; penalty for violations.
65-1713 - Funeral director defined; business name.
65-1713a - Funeral establishment defined; branch establishments; prearranged funeral agreements.
65-1713b - Funeral service or interment, who in charge of.
65-1714 - Funeral director's license; application; qualifications; examination; display of license; special permits.
65-1715 - Same; examination fee.
65-1716 - Biennial renewal fee; notice; suspension of license; reinstatement fee; relicensure; rules and regulations; evidence of continuing education required for license renewal; exemption.
65-1717 - Assistant funeral director's license; qualifications; fees; application; registration; suspension or revocation of license; procedure; biennial renewal; rules and regulations.
65-1718 - Disposition of moneys; mortuary arts fee fund.
65-1719 - Record of licenses.
65-1721 - Qualifications; persons from other states; examination.
65-1723 - Powers of state board of mortuary arts; fees and expenses.
65-1725 - Severability of 1935 act.
65-1725a - Severability of 1941 act.
65-1726 - Penalties for violations.
65-1727 - Fees; fixed by rules and regulations; notice to licensee; licensure by endorsement.
65-1728 - Eye enucleation; embalmers and other persons; certificate of competence; liability.
65-1729 - Funeral establishment license; branch establishment license; fees; disposition of moneys; unlawful acts.
65-1730 - Rules and regulations.
65-1731 - Failure, neglect or refusal to pay fee classified as class B misdemeanor.
65-1732 - Disposal of unclaimed cremated remains; veteran's unclaimed cremated remains; rules and regulations.
65-1734 - Order of priority of persons authorized to dispose of decedent's remains; immunity of funeral directors, funeral establishments and crematories.
65-1751 - Denial, suspension or revocation of license, censure of licensee or imposition of fine; grounds; procedure; definitions.
65-1752 - Solicitation of clients; prohibitions.
65-1753 - Dead human bodies; removal and delivery.
65-1760 - Definitions.
65-1761 - Licensure of crematory; requirements of crematory and holding facility.
65-1762 - Supervision; crematory operator license requirement; cremation requirements; authorization form and coroner's permit.
65-1763 - Removal of pacemakers and hazardous implants; procedural requirements for holding of and cremation of a dead human body, prohibitions, packaging of cremated remains; simultaneous cremations.
65-1764 - Effect of authorizing agent's representations; liability regarding the refusal to accept a dead human body; to cremate a dead human body or the authorized cremation of a dead human body.
65-1765 - Failure to remove pacemaker or hazardous implants; liability for damage.
65-1766 - Rules and regulations; policies; licensure, revocation, suspension or denial of; penalty.
65-1767 - Conflicting Kansas laws; precedence of this act.
65-1768 - Licensure; fees; expiration of license; exemption from licensure; unlawful operation.
65-1769 - Crematory operator.
65-1770 - Cremations; conducted by whom and where.
65-1771 - Licensure of crematory operator; application; qualifications.
65-1772 - Same; renewal; reinstatement; rules and regulations.
65-1773 - Crematory; recycling materials; requirements.
65-1774 - Rules and regulations.