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2019 Statute

Section Number

65-6301 - Purpose.
65-6302 - Definitions.
65-6303 - Prohibited acts; penalty.
65-6306 - Qualifications for licensure; baccalaureate social worker; master social worker; specialist clinical social worker; practice of licensed specialist clinical social worker; approval of colleges or universities, criteria.
65-6307 - Use of title by licensee; designation thereof by board; penalty for violation.
65-6308 - Limitations on private practice of social work; penalties.
65-6309 - Exemption from examination; temporary licensure; professional title.
65-6309a - Temporary permit to practice; requirements; fees; expiration, extension.
65-6310 - Unlawful acts; penalties.
65-6311 - Grounds for suspension, limitation, condition, revocation or refusal to issue or renew license; procedure; licensure of applicant with felony conviction; requirements.
65-6313 - Licenses; effective and expiration dates; renewal; continuing education; safety awareness training; reinstatement; duplicate; notice of change of address.
65-6314 - Fees.
65-6315 - Confidential information and communications; exceptions.
65-6316 - Invalidity of part.
65-6317 - Renewal of social work associate licenses; revocation or suspension.
65-6319 - Diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders by certain licensed social workers authorized.
65-6320 - Disclosure to client at beginning of client-therapist relationship; documentation.
65-6321 - Social workers licensure act; citation.
65-6322 - Licensure of social worker licensed in another jurisdiction.
65-6323 - Provisional licensure as social worker; remedial requirements prescribed by board; professional title.