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2019 Statute

Section Number

65-7201 - Citation of act.
65-7202 - Definitions.
65-7203 - Administration of act by state board of healing arts; qualifications of applicants; licensure of certain naturopathic doctors; record of proceedings.
65-7204 - Application for licensure; criteria for educational programs; registrant under previous act deemed to be licensed.
65-7205 - Examination.
65-7206 - Waiver of examination and other requirements; when waived; temporary licensure.
65-7207 - Fees.
65-7208 - Denial, revocation, limitation or suspension of license or refusal to renew license; unprofessional conduct; discipline; civil fines; procedure; reinstatement.
65-7209 - Expiration of licenses; failure to renew; renewal; continuing education; suspended license; fees.
65-7210 - Moneys received by board; disposition; healing arts fee fund.
65-7211 - Authorized representations; unlawful representations; authority not conferred upon naturopathic doctors to engage in activities not conferred by act.
65-7212 - Board of healing arts to adopt naturopathic formulary; naturopathic formulary advisory committee.
65-7213 - Naturopathic acupuncture specialty certification.
65-7214 - Naturopathic advisory council; membership; expenses; legislature to consider establishing alternative health care board.
65-7215 - Injunctive remedies for violations.
65-7216 - Adjudicative procedures.
65-7217 - Professional liability insurance required.
65-7218 - Confidential communications.
65-7219 - Nothing in act construed to require insurance reimbursement or indemnity for services as a naturopathic doctor.