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2019 Statute

Section Number

68-101 - Definitions.
68-102 - Laying out, altering or vacating roads.
68-102a - Same; notice.
68-103 - Petition, contents.
68-104 - Viewers; notice of view; duties of county surveyor.
68-105 - Notice by petitioner; affidavits of service; filing.
68-106 - Viewing, surveying, laying out, altering or vacating road; assessment of damages; application for damages, when; filing, survey and plat.
68-107 - Separate certificates of damages assessed; appeal from award; benefit district assessment in counties between 30,000 and 90,000; notice and hearing; appeal.
68-109 - Road on county or city line; petition; viewers; filing survey and plat.
68-110 - Compensation of commissioners; viewers, chainmen, flagmen and markers; payment of costs and expenses.
68-113 - State-line roads; establishment; width limitation.
68-114 - Proceedings for change in roads; eminent domain.
68-115 - Opening and repair of roads by county engineer or township trustee; drains and ditches; penalty for obstruction; compensation for road building material taken; appeal.
68-115a - Township minimum maintenance roads.
68-116 - Prescribed width of county roads; hedges; increase of width, when.
68-117 - Access to public highway, when; petition; width of road and plat; payment of expenses.
68-117a - Counties having a township of 10,000 or over with no city or town; petition for laying out, viewing or altering roads; bond.
68-117b - Same; benefit district; damages; abandonment of proceedings, when; assessment of benefits.
68-117c - Same; hearing; publication of notice; copy of proceedings to owners; limitation on time for appeal.
68-117d - Same; appeal from award; appraisers; report; exceptions to report; notice of hearing; copy of judgment to county clerk.
68-118 - Informational signs at intersections on township roads.
68-124 - Private roads as public highways, maintenance.
68-126 - Fences across public highways; gates; county commissioners' powers and duties.
68-127 - Same; penalty.
68-128a - Highways through pastures; maintenance, auto gates and passes; cost; liability for damages to livestock.
68-131 - Township sidewalks and crossings; petition; special assessments.
68-132 - Same; contracts; specifications and bids; publication notice; bond of contractor; inspector.
68-133 - Same; time for action to set aside or enjoin.
68-134 - Same; penalty for removal or injury.
68-141a - Renting or hiring of machinery and equipment prohibited; exceptions.
68-141b - Supervision by experienced operator; times for renting; charges.
68-141c - Revenue to road fund.
68-141f - Setting aside portions of road and bridge or street funds; definitions.
68-141g - Same; resolution of governing body; procedure; retransfer, when.
68-151 - Vacating road in Labette county.
68-151a - Roads within boundary of federal flood control projects; vacating, laying out or altering; notice.
68-151g - Counties with assessed valuation under $50,000,000; bonds for constructing or improving county roads and bridges; election; tax levy.
68-151h - Same; how money expended.
68-151i - Same; bond limitations inapplicable.
68-151j - Same; federal or state aid.
68-151m - Issuance of no-fund warrants for certain purposes by certain counties; definition.
68-151n - Same; purposes; amount; conditions; tax levies to pay.
68-151o - Certain counties authorized to expend moneys received as reimbursement for expenditures without regard to certain budget limitations.
68-151p - Acceptance of retrocession of exclusive jurisdiction over certain state highways bordering federal reservation and penitentiary.
68-161 - Authority of county commissioners.
68-162 - Same; contracts.
68-164 - Same; approval of certain plans and specifications by secretary of transportation.
68-165 - Same; secretary of transportation not liable.
68-167 - Signs, lights and reflectors near federal, state, or federal and state highways and turnpike projects; unlawful acts.
68-168 - Same; penalties.
68-169 - Joint agreements between secretary of transportation and local units and between local units.
68-170 - Construction and improvement of roads and bridges on state owned lands; definitions.
68-171 - Same; agreements between secretary of transportation and state agencies.
68-172 - Same; agencies authorized to use funds.
68-173 - Same; disposition of moneys.
68-182 - Direct payment to seller of certain lands or interests therein acquired for highway, road or street purposes.
68-183 - Same; limitations on meaning of term "by purchase."
68-184 - Sprinkling irrigation water on highways declared a public nuisance; injunction.
68-185 - Joint legislative transportation vision task force; membership; meetings; mission; report to legislature; compensation; sunset.