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2019 Statute

Section Number

68-401 - Acceptance of federal aid.
68-402 - Same; contracts; disbursements of moneys.
68-402b - Federal aid for highway costs; contracts; payments; allocation of federal aid; pledge of federal aid to repay advances.
68-402c - Federal aid; limitation on high type pavement inapplicable.
68-402f - Fees charged counties by secretary of transportation on certain federal road and bridge projects.
68-404 - Powers and duties of secretary of transportation.
68-404a - Construction and maintenance of certain highways traversing federal property.
68-404b - Detention dams on Fort Riley military reservation to protect Ogden from flood waters.
68-405 - County and township officers to furnish information to secretary of transportation, when; federal-aid contract requirements.
68-406 - Designation of highways in state system; total mileage, exclusions; revision and classification; connecting links and detours; direct routes to certain facilities and institutions; roads in state parks; posting speed limits and establishing facilities on certain streets and roads; temporary road closings.
68-406a - Inclusion of certain unimproved links of county road into state highway system.
68-407 - Duties and authority of secretary of transportation; bids, where received; contracts.
68-408 - Letting of contracts; time and place; notice.
68-408a - Bids; electronic submission.
68-409 - Plans and specifications; display.
68-410 - Contracts to be let to lowest responsible bidder; nonresidents; bonds in lieu of mechanic's liens; filing claim before actions on bond.
68-411 - Partial payment on contracts; regulations for withholding.
68-412 - Designation and improvement of city streets as connecting links; apportionment of costs.
68-412a - Acquisition of right-of-way for streets as connecting links in cities.
68-413 - Acquisition of title or easement by secretary of transportation, eminent domain; disposition of property or interest, sale at public auction, when; appraisal; advertisement of sale; reappraisement, when; conveyance, record; disposition of moneys; succession of secretary of transportation to right, title and interest of highway commission; release of easements.
68-413a - Same; conveyance of title to oil and gas in place to present landowners; exceptions.
68-413b - Rights of way of state highways to be used exclusively for public highway purposes, exception; removal of unauthorized structures or objects; public utility and other legal rights not affected.
68-414 - Improvement of railroad crossings on state highway system; division of cost; safety devices or signals.
68-415 - Removal of poles, piers, abutments, pipelines or other fixtures along highway; procedure; advancement of moneys to utilities for removal or relocation of utilities, structures or facilities; certain water lines.
68-416 - State highway fund; apportionment; city connecting links; use of funds.
68-416a - Maintenance of city connecting links.
68-419a - Design defects; exempting contractor from liability in certain cases.
68-420 - Validity of act.
68-421 - Construction of act.
68-422 - Erection of signs and markers.
68-422a - Erection of signs; unlawful acts.
68-423a - Advance acquisition of real property or rights for future construction on state highway system; disposal of property acquired; appraisal; sale; public auction, when; advertisements; new appraisement and readvertisement; conveyance; record; disposition of moneys.
68-423b - Same; property or rights for routes for future construction, maintenance or drainage of routes on system or for use as roadside parks, rest areas or park facilities near state highways.
68-423c - Establishment of roadside parks, rest areas and park facilities near state highways authorized.
68-423d - Same; access roads.
68-423e - Same; acquisitions of rights-of-way; eminent domain.
68-423f - Same; rules and regulations for use.
68-432 - Display of goods on state highway right-of-way; operation of vending facilities by blind persons.
68-433 - Same; penalties.
68-434 - County authorized to pay state's share of cost of highway improvements; general obligation bonds.
68-435 - Same; election, when.
68-436 - Same; revenue bonds.
68-437 - City authorized to pay state's share of cost of highway improvements; general obligation bonds.
68-438 - Same; election, when.
68-439 - Same; repayment of funds.
68-444 - Kyle Thornburg and Kylie Jobe believe act; DUI memorial signage program.