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2019 Statute

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72-3409. State and federal funds; distribution and allocation; payments; grants and contributions; early intervening services; unencumbered balance in fund. (a) The state board shall be responsible for the distribution and allocation of state and federal funds for special education. Such moneys shall be expended only in accordance with and for the purposes specified in federal or state law. Payments under this act may be made in installments and in advance or by way of reimbursement, with necessary adjustments for overpayments or underpayments. Federal funds for special education shall be deposited in the state treasury.

(b) The state board is hereby authorized to accept from an individual or individuals, the United States government or any of its agencies or any other public or private body, grants or contributions of money, funds or property which the state board may authorize to be used in accordance with appropriation acts, for or in aid of special education or related services or any of the purposes authorized by the federal law or this act.

(c) (1) Each board may use up to 15% of the amount it receives each year under the federal law to develop and implement coordinated, early intervening services for students in kindergarten through grade 12, with a particular emphasis on students in kindergarten through grade three, who have not been identified as needing special education or related services but who appear to need additional academic and behavioral support to succeed in a general education environment.

(2) In implementing coordinated, early intervening services under this subsection, a board may carry out activities that include:

(A) Providing professional development for teachers and other school staff to enable such personnel to deliver scientifically based academic instruction and behavioral interventions, including scientifically based literacy instruction and, where appropriate, instruction on the use of adaptive and instructional software; and

(B) providing educational and behavioral evaluations, services and supports, including scientifically based literacy instruction.

(3) Each board that develops and maintains coordinated, early intervening services under this subsection shall annually report to the department:

(A) The number of students served under this subsection; and

(B) the number of students served under this subsection who subsequently receive special education and related services under this title during the two-year period preceding each report.

(d) Except for moneys received under K.S.A. 72-3422, and amendments thereto, from cooperative agreements entered into under K.S.A. 72-3416, and amendments thereto, any unencumbered balance of moneys attributable to appropriations by the legislature for special education or related services remaining in the special education fund of a school district on June 30 of the current school year, may be expended in the school year that immediately succeeds such date by the school district for general operating expenses of the school district as approved by the board of education in an amount not to exceed 1/3 of the unencumbered balance of the school district's special education fund.

History: L. 1974, ch. 290, § 5; L. 1999, ch. 116, § 7; L. 2005, ch. 171, § 5; L. 2011, ch. 107, § 2; L. 2012, ch. 155, § 4; L. 2013, ch. 121, § 3; July 1.

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