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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-101 - Oath.
75-102 - Messages to legislature.
75-103 - Record of acts.
75-104 - Governor's records; maintenance, review, audit and disposition.
75-105 - Recordation of messages to the legislature, proclamations, executive orders; requisitions for extradition and executive warrants; location.
75-106 - Required signature, certain documents.
75-107 - Federal transactions.
75-108 - Actions and proceedings; employment of counsel.
75-109 - Proceeds of sales of public lands.
75-110 - Arms and military equipment; bonds of officers.
75-111 - Suits on bonds of state officers.
75-113 - Rewards.
75-113a - Same; payment.
75-116 - Employment by the governor of special attorneys and investigators to enforce criminal laws.
75-117 - Governor to appoint when judges fail to act.
75-118 - Appointment of person who is under classified civil service as acting state official, when; status and powers.
75-121 - Acceptance of MacLennan Park in Shawnee county by the state; conditions.
75-122 - Same; acceptance of Cedar Crest and surrounding acreage; conditions.
75-123 - Same; acceptance of land and improvements subject to terms of will.
75-125 - Vacancies in office of governor; successors to office of governor.
75-126 - Disability of governor; successors to office of governor.
75-127 - Vacancy in office of lieutenant governor; president of senate to serve in certain capacities.
75-128 - Governor's residence; designation.
75-129 - Governor's residence advisory commission; composition; chairperson.
75-130 - Same; annual report and recommendations to legislature.
75-131 - Same; acceptance of gifts and donations.
75-131a - Grants, gifts or other donations for Cedar Crest; acceptance by secretary of administration; prior consultation with advisory committee; deposit of monetary gifts.
75-132 - Transition in office of governor; incoming governor, defined.
75-133 - Same; purpose of act.
75-134 - Same; services and facilities to be provided incoming governor.
75-135 - Same; services and facilities to be provided to person leaving office of governor; compensation.
75-136 - Same; duties of person leaving office of governor.
75-137 - Same; appropriation to finance transition; amount to be included in budget.
75-138 - Commission on autism; membership; appointment; duties; meetings; expense allowances.
75-139 - Title to gift shotgun accepted for Kansas transferred to former governor.
75-140 - Conveyance of real property in Cloud county.
75-141 - Commission on disability concerns, transferred to the office of governor; appointment of executive director.
75-142 - Same; all functions, powers and duties transferred.
75-143 - Same; every act of commission same force and effect; all rules, orders and directives contained.
75-144 - Same; funds, accounts and liability for compensation and salaries of officers and employees transferred.
75-145 - Commission succeeds to all property, records and unexpended balances; governor resolves conflicts.
75-146 - Same; legal proceedings not affected by transfer.
75-147 - Same; transfer of officers and employees, classified status of employees not changed.