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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-601 - Oath.
75-603 - Account of receipts and disbursements.
75-604 - Custody of moneys; deposit in banks.
75-606 - Redemption of warrants; when funds exhausted; notice when funds available.
75-607 - Deposit of warrants with director of accounts and reports.
75-608 - Reports.
75-609 - Inspections by legislature and board of examination.
75-610 - Delinquent county treasurers and debtors; suits by attorney general.
75-611 - Civil actions against treasurer, when.
75-619 - Seal.
75-621 - Receipts for money paid into treasury.
75-622 - Assistant state treasurer; oath; duties.
75-623 - Assistants and employees.
75-623a - Position vacancy, redesignation of position in unclassified service.
75-628 - State treasurer to review and make recommendations of cash management practices for state agencies; limitations.
75-640 - Postsecondary education savings program; legislative declaration and intent.
75-641 - Same; citation of act.
75-642 - Same; purpose.
75-643 - Same; definitions.
75-644 - Same; administration by state treasurer; authorities and responsibilities.
75-645 - Same; implementation by state treasurer; selection of depositories of accounts, procedure; management contracts, contents; audits and investigations; contracts.
75-646 - Same; establishment of accounts, procedures; contributions; statements and information to be provided account owners; report to legislature.
75-647 - Same; rights and obligations construed.
75-648 - Same; trust fund established; expense fund established; disposition of moneys and interest; payment of expenses of administration.
75-649 - Payroll deductions for postsecondary education savings accounts.
75-650 - Low-income family postsecondary savings accounts incentive program; definitions; administration by state treasurer; applications; limitations.
75-651 - Kansas ABLE savings program; legislative intent.
75-652 - Same; definitions.
75-653 - Same; implementation and administration of program by state treasurer.
75-654 - Same; implementation by state treasurer, powers and duties.
75-655 - Same; establishment of accounts; contributions and distributions; statements and information relating to accounts.
75-656 - Same; rights and obligations; rules and regulations.
75-657 - Same; Kansas ABLE savings program trust fund established; disposition of moneys.