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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-1202a - Division of architectural services; establishment and administration; director of architectural services, qualifications and appointment; assistant director; certain division personnel in unclassified service.
75-1202b - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders and directives.
75-1202c - Transfer of executive council powers pertaining to state property to director of architectural services.
75-1202d - Same; certain powers and duties of director; state building advisory commission minutes; appointment and civil service status of certain division personnel.
75-1202e - Organization of division by secretary of administration; powers and duties of division personnel.
75-1211 - Short title.
75-1212 - Definitions.
75-1213 - Mobile homes or recreational vehicles comply with code; plans and specifications comply with code.
75-1214 - Same; rent, lease, sell or distribute.
75-1216 - Alteration of unit prohibited.
75-1218 - Exemption from construction codes of municipality or local government; zoning.
75-1219 - Mobile home and recreational vehicle commission abolished; records, memoranda, writings and property, transferred to secretary of administration.
75-1220 - Adoption of standards.
75-1221 - Warranty by manufacturer; terms.
75-1222 - Mobile home and recreational vehicle standards fund abolished; transfer to state general fund.
75-1223 - Penalties.
75-1224 - Serial number.
75-1225 - Severability.
75-1226 - Definitions.
75-1227 - Securing certain mobile homes to ground by devices approved by secretary; exceptions.
75-1228 - Same; unlawful sales acts; approval of tie downs or ground anchors by secretary; submission of data and information; standards; rules and regulations.
75-1229 - Same; inspections; notice of determination; visibility of model number.
75-1230 - Same; placement of approved tie downs; roof protectors; over-the-top tie downs.
75-1231 - Same; foundations for piers; construction of piers; requirements.
75-1232 - Same; unlawful acts; penalty.
75-1233 - Same; certain cities exempt from act, when; certification.
75-1234 - Same; rules and regulations.
75-1250 - State policy.
75-1251 - Definitions.
75-1252 - Qualification statements of architects, engineers, land surveyors and consultants; annual submission to commission.
75-1253 - Negotiating committee convened, when; list of qualified firms for project architects, engineers and land surveyors prepared by state building advisory commission; combining projects; repetitive projects, exempted.
75-1254 - Architectural, engineering and land surveying services when no negotiating committee convened; duties of secretary of administration; direct negotiation; agency architects, engineers and land surveyors.
75-1255 - Written project description; basis for development; no alteration without approval.
75-1256 - Negotiating committee access to data on firms; selection of firm.
75-1257 - Negotiation of contract with selected firm for professional design services; negotiating committee duties; failure to negotiate contract with selected firms; additional list.
75-1258 - Architectural, engineering or land surveying service contracts; liability insurance; responsibilities of project architect, engineer or land surveyor.
75-1259 - Construction documents, preparation and review; energy conservation standards, inclusion in program and base bid requirements.
75-1260 - Construction administration duties of project architect, engineer or land surveyor.
75-1261 - Construction administration by secretary of administration or agency architect, engineer or land surveyor.
75-1262 - Construction administration services include primary inspection duties; inspection by user agency and secretary of administration; final inspection and official acceptance; occupation of project; post-acceptance inspections; use of other political subdivision inspection services.
75-1263 - Fees of project architects, engineers and land surveyors; determination and payment; publication of fee guidelines by secretary of administration.
75-1264 - Monthly progress reports to joint committee on state building construction; change orders or changes in plans, consultation and approval; reports.
75-1265 - Contract for construction management services, when; services included; fees, negotiation; limitations.
75-1266 - Rules and regulations by secretary of administration.
75-1267 - Acquisition and maintenance of copies of project documents; project claims referred to secretary of administration; resolution of claims; referrals to attorney general; annual report; access to documents relating to correctional facilities and other secured areas.
75-1268 - Architectural, engineering or land surveying services for purposes other than building projects; contracts and procedures; exemption from certain statutes.
75-1269 - Fees for architectural and other services provided by secretary of administration for capital improvements funded from certain state building funds; procedures; definitions; disposition.
75-1270 - Same; exceptions.