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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-2525 - Stormont medical library; abolished.
75-2534 - Kansas state library in Topeka; composition; services; chief officer; grants, gifts and donations of money.
75-2535 - State librarian; appointment; qualifications.
75-2536 - Same; oath.
75-2537 - State librarian; duties; assistants; employees.
75-2538 - Same; exchanges with other states and governments.
75-2539 - Same; duties of secretary of state.
75-2540 - State librarian; duplicate books, sets or temporary material; exchange, sale or loan; disposition of proceeds.
75-2541 - Same; labeling and cataloguing of books and material.
75-2542 - Same; rules and regulations for government of library and services; local library services.
75-2544 - Same; transfer of powers, duties and jurisdiction from traveling libraries commission to state librarian; books and properties; traveling libraries commission abolished.
75-2546 - State library of Kansas board; membership; officers; terms; duties; meetings; compensation and allowances.
75-2546a - Abolishment of state library advisory commission; abolishment of Kansas library network board; powers and duties transferred to state library of Kansas board.
75-2547 - Regional systems of cooperating libraries; purpose.
75-2548 - Same; definitions.
75-2549 - Same; petition for establishment; contents.
75-2549a - Same; constitute a body corporate and politic; powers and authority.
75-2549b - Same; certain regional systems of cooperating libraries validated.
75-2550 - Same; system board; membership; powers.
75-2550a - Same; selection of an executive board; delegation of legal functions; exception.
75-2551 - Regional systems of cooperating libraries; finance; cash basis and budget laws applicable; tax levy authorized.
75-2552 - Same; establishment of standards by state board.
75-2553 - Grants-in-aid to libraries act; citation.
75-2554 - Grants-in-aid to libraries; definitions.
75-2555 - Same; apportionment and distribution to eligible libraries; formula.
75-2556 - Grants-in-aid to libraries; annual reports of population and tax information; determination of amount of and eligibility for aid; payment dates.
75-2557 - Same; certification by state librarian of amounts payable; duties of director of accounts and reports.
75-2558 - Grants-in-aid to libraries; limitations of expenditures from state aid funds; penalty.
75-2559 - Same; annual expenditure reports by libraries receiving grants-in-aid.
75-2560 - Same; powers and duties of state librarian; withholding aid; notice of noncompliance with act to director of accounts and reports.
75-2561 - Same; budget requests of state librarian; reports of distributions and expenditures.
75-2562 - Same; acceptance of federal grants or funds by state librarian; distribution; plan by advisory commission; independent application for and receipt of federal funds; effect.
75-2563 - Contracts for computerized information and cataloging services; cost system; fees.
75-2565 - Definitions.
75-2566 - Establishment and operation of publication collection and depository system; duties of state agencies and the state librarian.
75-2567 - Same; powers and duties of state librarian; designation of libraries as complete or selective depositories.
75-2568 - Same; rules and regulations.
75-2572 - Expiration of act.
75-2575 - Interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing; purpose of act.
75-2576 - Same; definitions.
75-2577 - Same; function of state library.
75-2585 - Same; contracts for computerized services; state-level cooperative activities.
75-2587 - Same; participation by unified school districts; costs.
75-2588 - Telecommunications services for inter-library resource sharing, fees; central library materials purchasing activity, fees; library workshops and conferences, fees; state library fund, administration, authorized expenditures; certain receipts, proceeds and other moneys credited to fund.
75-2589 - Kansas children's internet protection act; public libraries; school districts; state librarian; rules and regulations; liability.