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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-2925 - Purpose of act.
75-2926 - Definitions.
75-2929a - State civil service board; appointment, qualifications and terms of members; confirmation by senate.
75-2929b - State civil service board; part of department of administration; management functions; organization and meetings; hearings by members; compensation and expenses of members.
75-2929c - Same; transfer of powers, duties and functions; preservation of orders.
75-2929d - State civil service board; hearing of appeals; witnesses; production of papers.
75-2929g - Same; rules and regulations adopted by secretary of administration.
75-2929h - Same; appeals from orders of board.
75-2935 - Classified and unclassified services.
75-2935a - Classified exempt service abolished; disposition of positions.
75-2935b - Unclassified service; approval of compensation; exceptions.
75-2935c - Same; salary plan, physicians at aging and disability services institutions.
75-2938 - Classified service; assignment of positions to classes; titles and descriptions for classes; assignment of classes to ranges; pay plan; wage and salary surveys; delegation of assignment of positions; schedule of salary and wage ranges and steps; approval of governor.
75-2938a - Anniversary date of persons in positions subject to job classification or compensation revisions, no change for compensation step increases.
75-2938b - Wage and salary surveys; confidentiality.
75-2939 - State employment; notice of vacancies; criteria for certifying persons to the pool of eligible candidates; assessment of skills, knowledge and abilities; agency selection programs.
75-2940 - Powers of director; exclusion of disqualified candidates; appeal.
75-2941 - Discrimination forbidden.
75-2942 - Appointments and promotions; statewide list of requisitions to fill vacant positions; emergencies.
75-2943 - Notice of new positions and vacancies; certification of names; probationary appointments; performance ratings; public inspection; rules and regulations.
75-2944 - Vacancies filled by promotions or transfers; probationary promotions, right of demotion to prior job class in certain cases.
75-2945 - Filling positions without using certified pool of eligible candidates, when.
75-2946 - Appointment to classified position for probationary period.
75-2947 - Transfers; leaves of absence; reinstatements.
75-2948 - Layoff procedures; notice to director and affected employees; reemployment preference, when.
75-2949 - Dismissals, demotions and suspensions; basis; procedure; hearings; status after demotion; employee relieved of duties pending investigation.
75-2949d - Dismissal, demotion or suspension of permanent employee in classified service; grounds and procedure, generally.
75-2949e - Dismissal, demotion or suspension of permanent employees in classified service; evaluation requirement, exceptions; counseling.
75-2949f - Same; personal conduct detrimental to state service.
75-2950 - Reports of actions affecting employment and compensation.
75-2952 - Officers and employees shall comply with law.
75-2953 - Use of authority or official influence to compel state officer or employee to apply for or become member of organization, pay or promise to pay assessment or contribution or take part in political activity; penalty for violation; officer or employee in classified service to resign prior to taking oath for state elective office.
75-2954 - Local officers to furnish aid and space for examination.
75-2955 - Veterans' preference.
75-2956a - Reciprocal agreements between secretary of administration and public agency or body; cooperation with other governmental agencies.
75-2957 - Penalties for violations.
75-2958 - Conviction of misdemeanor.
75-2959 - Severability of provisions.
75-2960 - Appropriations.
75-2961 - Citation of act.
75-2961a - State provided housing, food service or other employee maintenance; approval by finance council; rates and value; rules and regulations.
75-2971 - Trainee or training positions; procedures; regulations.
75-2972 - Positions placed in classified service, status of incumbent; prior service credit "CETA" employees in unclassified service.
75-2973 - Kansas whistleblower act; state employee communications with legislators, legislative committees, auditing agencies and others; prohibited acts; relief and appeals, costs.
75-2974 - Campaign contributions by classified state employees; solicitation by supervisors; provision of employee mailing lists for political purposes; prohibiting disciplinary action for voluntary contributions; enforcement; civil penalties.
75-2975 - Academic degree requirements for employment or promotion; acceptability; conditions; applicability of act.