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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-3101 - Salary of governor.
75-3102 - Private secretary; assistant; executive clerk and pardon attorney; assistants and employees.
75-3103 - Lieutenant governor; compensation and expenses; assistant and employees, unclassified service and expenses.
75-3104 - Salary of secretary of state.
75-3108 - Salary of state treasurer.
75-3110 - Salary of attorney general.
75-3111 - Deputies, assistants, investigators and other employees.
75-3111a - Percentage increases in annual salaries of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer and commissioner of insurance.
75-3119 - Salary of Supreme Court Justices prior to 1921.
75-3120f - Salaries of justices of supreme court.
75-3120g - Salaries of district judges and chief judges of district courts; limitations on county supplements.
75-3120h - Salaries of judges of court of appeals.
75-3120j - District magistrate judges; additional compensation for certain payroll period; reduction in final compensation.
75-3120k - Salaries of district magistrate judges; county supplements; district magistrate judge supplemental compensation fund.
75-3120l - Percentage increases in annual salaries of justices and judges, when; computation.
75-3122 - Supreme court employees; compensation.
75-3123 - Supreme court reporter.
75-3124 - Assistant reporters.
75-3125 - Clerk of supreme court.
75-3126 - Employees of clerk.
75-3135 - Salary of bank commissioner; appointment of deputy commissioners; assistants and employees; salaries.
75-3135a - Bank commissioner; appointment of regional managers and financial examiner administrators; compensation.
75-3136 - Salary of fire marshal.
75-3137 - Deputies and assistants; training coordinator.
75-3141 - Animal health commissioner; compensation.
75-3142 - Same; appointment of employees.
75-3148 - Secretary of state historical society; employees.
75-3149 - Compensation of secretary.
75-3150 - Assistants and employees.
75-3152 - Salary of secretary; ineligible for other position; compensation from other institutions.
75-3169 - Certain fees and revenues exempt.
75-3170a - Use and purpose of ten percent charge to fee agencies; when charge not applicable
75-3170f - Fee agencies; report by budget director regarding costs.
75-3171 - Fixing of certain salaries; definitions.
75-3173 - Application of certain criminal and other provisions to all appropriation acts.