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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-4201 - Definitions.
75-4202 - Operating accounts.
75-4203 - Daily deposits.
75-4204 - Transfers of state moneys.
75-4205 - Operating accounts; designation of banks.
75-4208 - Designation of banks to receive state accounts; procedure; award of accounts.
75-4209 - Investment accounts; types; procedures; requirements; alternatives authorized; limitations; director of investments to invest and reinvest moneys; rules and regulations; transfer from pooled money investment portfolio to state general fund.
75-4210 - Calculation of investment rate.
75-4210a - Interest credited to general fund; exceptions.
75-4212a - Operating accounts; insufficient balances; state authorized to borrow or enter into reverse repurchase agreements; limitations.
75-4214 - Fee agency accounts; designation or selection of banks or savings and loan association; requirements to hold fee agency account; monthly statement.
75-4215 - Remittance of state moneys; fee agency accounts; reports; post audit.
75-4216 - Disposition and accounting of fees.
75-4217 - Agreement for accounts.
75-4218 - Accounts to be secured; deposit of securities in securities account; written custodial agreement; receipt.
75-4218a - Security of time deposits under certain statutes.
75-4219 - Care and handling of security.
75-4220 - Liability of depository banks and affiliates; sale of security.
75-4221 - Inadequate security pledged by depository bank; procedures.
75-4221a - Pooled money investment board; membership; chairperson; appointment and qualifications; terms; compensation and expenses.
75-4222 - Pooled money investment board; appointment of a director of investments; employees; access to certain papers, documents and property; annual report.
75-4223 - Banks claiming tax exemptions.
75-4225 - Existing agreements.
75-4226 - Interest requirements not to be in violation of federal law.
75-4228 - Criminal and civil liability of treasurer and director of accounts and reports.
75-4229 - Criminal liability of board members.
75-4231 - Application of act.
75-4232 - Investment policies; director of investments to invest state moneys; rules and regulations.
75-4233 - Application of 1992 act.
75-4234 - Pooled money investment portfolio; administrative fee; exceptions.
75-4235 - Pooled money investment portfolio fee fund; disposition of funds.
75-4236 - Director of investments to invest or reinvest moneys of the state or municipality.
75-4237 - Investment accounts; procedure; market rate; exceptions; reciprocal deposit programs.
75-4251 - Bonds of state agency or authority; investment of "currently surplus bond proceeds" or "surplus proceeds."
75-4252 - Same; investment of "currently surplus reserve funds" or "surplus reserves."
75-4253 - Same; investment of surplus proceeds or reserves.
75-4254 - Bonds of state agency or authority; investments authorized.
75-4255 - Same; custody of moneys; interest or income from investments.
75-4256 - State moneys, investments and funds subject to post audit.
75-4261 - Federal revenue sharing fund abolished; transfer of assets and liabilities.
75-4262 - Refinancing of loans from PMIB; issuance of bonds; approval procedure; investment of loan repayments.
75-4263 - Moneys of state agency or instrumentality; investment in municipal investment pool fund authorized; limitations.
75-4265 - Intergovernmental transfer program; administration of program; intergovernmental transfer fund, transfers to certain funds; senior services fund; long-term care loan and grant fund; powers and duties of secretary for aging and disability services concerning loan agreements.
75-4266 - Management and investment of senior services trust fund; investment standards and objectives; contracts with investment advisors and consultants; requirements; definitions.
75-4267 - Reports to governor and legislature, receipts and investment earnings to senior services trust fund.
75-4268 - Kansas agricultural production loan deposit program.
75-4269 - Same; definitions.
75-4270 - Same; state treasurer administrator of program; purpose; annual report.
75-4271 - Same; agricultural production loan deposit loan packages; participation in program; requirements.
75-4272 - Same; procedures; agreement.
75-4273 - Same; loans; rate.
75-4274 - Same; state and state treasurer not liable to lending institution.
75-4275 - Prohibition on use of funds from deposit to qualify for state tax credits.
75-4276 - Kansas housing loan deposit program.
75-4277 - Same; definitions.
75-4278 - Same; state treasurer administrator of program; purpose; annual report.
75-4279 - Same; housing loan deposit loan packages; adult care home loans; participation in program; requirements.
75-4280 - Same; procedures; agreement.
75-4281 - Same; loans; rate.
75-4282 - Same; state and state treasurer not liable to lending institution.