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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-5001 - Secretary of transportation, appointment, confirmation, salary; creation and administration of department; application of K-GOAL.
75-5004 - Abolition of highway commission and director of highways; transfer of powers, duties and functions to secretary; provisions for transition and continuity; preservation of rules, regulations, orders and directives.
75-5005 - State transportation engineer; appointment, qualifications and salary; additional staff assistants and employees of secretary; powers, duties and functions of transportation engineer, staff assistants and employees.
75-5006 - Division of transportation administration; director of transportation administration, appointment and salary.
75-5007 - Division of transportation operations; director of transportation planning, appointment and salary.
75-5008 - Division of engineering and design; director of engineering and design, appointment and salary.
75-5009 - Division of planning and development; director of planning and development, appointment and salary.
75-5010 - Division of aviation; director of aviation, appointment and salary.
75-5011 - Transfer of powers, duties and functions relating to aviation of secretary of economic development to secretary of transportation.
75-5012 - Attachment of Kansas turnpike authority to department.
75-5013 - Relationship of secretary and officers of Kansas City area transportation district and authority compact.
75-5014 - Transfer of officers and employees to department; rights preserved; application of civil service laws.
75-5014a - Transfer of employees and preservation of rights under 1982 act.
75-5015 - Organization of department; delegation of powers and duties.
75-5016 - Chief attorney and additional attorneys for department.
75-5017 - Resolution of conflicts concerning disposition of powers, duties, functions and appropriations; succession of secretary to property and records, resolution of conflicts.
75-5018 - Creation of advisory boards, commissions or committees within the department; allowances and expenses of members.
75-5019 - Effect of department's creation on civil, criminal and administrative actions and proceedings.
75-5021 - Location of offices of secretary and department; availability of engineering testing laboratories at Kansas state university.
75-5023 - Specific powers of secretary; federal funds; planning for various modes and systems of transportation; agreements and compacts.
75-5024 - Expenses of department prior to August 15, 1975; appropriation of moneys for department; expenditures from state highway fund.
75-5025 - State rail transportation plan; specific powers and duties of secretary.
75-5026 - Same; acceptance of federal funds.
75-5027 - Same; rules and regulations.
75-5029 - Railroad rehabilitation loan guarantee fund; purposes; limitation on expenditures; administration.
75-5030 - Same; payment of amounts in default by mid-states port authority, when; limitation.
75-5031 - Same; refinancing agreement; guarantee, limitation.
75-5032 - Coordinated public transportation assistance act.
75-5033 - Purpose of act.
75-5034 - Definitions.
75-5035 - Coordinated public transportation assistance fund established; funding.
75-5036 - Development of state plan.
75-5037 - Secretary of transportation, duties; eligibility of applicants.
75-5038 - Withholding of funds, when; appeal.
75-5039 - Secretary of transportation, multi-state special permit contracts; highway special permit fund; rules and regulations.
75-5040 - Railroad assistance programs; findings.
75-5041 - Rail service assistance program; establishment.
75-5042 - Rail service assistance program advisory committee; establishment.
75-5043 - Advisory committee; membership.
75-5044 - Advisory committee; organization.
75-5045 - Advisory committee; functions, powers and duties.
75-5046 - Railroad loan guarantee program; requirements; restrictions.
75-5047 - Rail service assistance program loan guarantee fund; establishment.
75-5048 - Rail service improvement program; rail service improvement fund; requirements; restrictions; funding; transfer of money, authorized.
75-5049 - Same; loans and grants; requirements.
75-5050 - Rules and regulations.
75-5051 - Kansas coordinated transit districts act.
75-5052 - Same; purpose.
75-5053 - Kansas coordinated transit districts; definitions.
75-5054 - Establishment of coordinated transit districts; responsibilities of districts.
75-5055 - Secretary of transportation, development of plan and establishment of guidelines.
75-5056 - Secretary of transportation, powers and duties.
75-5057 - Requirement to become a part of coordinated transit district, when.
75-5058 - Appeal according to the administrative procedure act.
75-5061 - Public use general aviation airports; development fund; grants; duties of secretary of transportation; funding.
75-5062 - Secretary authorized to pay employees for the theft of certain tools or equipment.
75-5063 - Transportation revolving fund; authorization to establish; creation of separate accounts.
75-5064 - Transportation revolving fund; definitions.
75-5065 - Transportation revolving fund; secretary of transportation responsibilities; rules and regulations.
75-5066 - Transportation revolving fund, established; expenditures.
75-5067 - Transportation revolving fund; issuance of bonds by Kansas development finance authority.
75-5068 - Transportation revolving fund; applications; agreements; technical advice.
75-5069 - Transportation revolving fund; failure of governmental unit to repay; loans construed as bonds.
75-5070 - Noise studies; when; funding of abatement measures; rules and regulations.
75-5071 - Governors of Kansas hometown heritage act.
75-5072 - Same; definitions; procedure; requirements; territorial governors' signs; procedure.
75-5073 - Definitions.
75-5074 - Lease of equipment and access to equipment, when; prices.
75-5075 - Revolving fund.
75-5076 - Administration of act; rules and regulations.
75-5077 - Issuance of bonds.
75-5078 - Railroads; transfer of powers; duties and functions from corporation commission to department of transportation.
75-5079 - Listing of signs for tourism or economic development; publication annually.
75-5080 - Traffic records enhancement fund.
75-5081 - Intermodal transportation projects; intermodal transportation revolving fund.
75-5082 - Same; definitions.
75-5083 - Same; secretary of transportation; powers and duties; rules and regulations.
75-5084 - Same; Kansas intermodal transportation revolving fund; funding; expenditures.
75-5085 - Same; issuance of bonds.
75-5086 - Same; qualified borrowers; applications; agreements.
75-5087 - Same; failure to comply with agreement.
75-5088 - Businesses operating within intermodal facility district are ineligible for certain tax credits or other incentives or benefits.
75-5089 - Passenger rail service program; requirements; loans or grants; passenger rail service revolving fund.
75-5090 - Midwest interstate passenger rail compact.
75-5091 - Transit buses, operation on right shoulder of certain highways in Johnson and Wyandotte counties; when, conditions; rules and regulations; reports.
75-5092 - Motor fuel tax study; report.