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2019 Statute

Section Number

75-6201 - Statement of policy.
75-6202 - Definitions.
75-6203 - Setoff, additional collection remedy; duties of creditor; rules and regulations; contribution of income.
75-6204 - Authority to setoff against debtors; collection of assistance fee; agreements with municipalities, lottery gaming facility managers, racetrack gaming facility managers, facility owner licensees.
75-6205 - Same; minimum debt setoff; maximum setoff against earnings.
75-6206 - Same; information to director of accounts and reports; notice to debtor; amounts subject to setoff withheld.
75-6207 - Hearing procedure; judicial review.
75-6208 - Same; time for final setoff; hearing.
75-6209 - Same; final setoff; notice and accounting to debtor; hearings on further setoffs, when.
75-6210 - Disposition of setoff proceeds; collection assistance fee; debt credited.
75-6211 - Same; priority of claims.
75-6212 - Same; use of information held by department of revenue for setoff, limitations; duty of confidentiality.
75-6213 - Same; setoff procedure regulations under prior law continued.
75-6214 - Same; right to hearing, when; refund of amounts improperly setoff.
75-6215 - Reciprocal agreements with foreign states.
75-6216 - Agreements with federal department of the treasury; offsetting federal and state payments; fees; lawful exchange of information.
75-6217 - Prize winnings withheld, when; indemnification of managers and licensees; remittance of withholdings.