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2019 Statute


75-6613.Disposition of state law enforcement personal sidearms. (a) All sales, trade-ins or other disposition of personal property described in subsection (b) owned by a state law enforcement agency shall be exempt from the provisions of the state surplus property act.

(b) The agency head of any state law enforcement agency who employs persons who are authorized to carry firearms when discharging the duties of such person's employment is hereby authorized to sell the personal sidearm of such person to such person who is authorized to carry such firearm subject to the following:

(1) A retiring state law enforcement officer, as defined in K.S.A 74-5602, and amendments thereto, or a state law enforcement officer who resigns from such state agency to accept employment with a local, state or federal law enforcement agency, is hereby authorized to purchase, upon such retirement or resignation, such employee's personal sidearm with a trigger lock;

(2) each sale of such personal sidearm shall be for the amount equal to the total of the fair market value of the sidearm, as fixed by the agency head, plus the cost of the trigger lock; and

(3) no sale of a personal sidearm shall be made to any resigning or retiring employee unless the agency head of such state agency from which such person is resigning or retiring determines that the employment record and performance evaluations of each such employee are satisfactory.

(c) All moneys received from the sale of personal sidearms and trigger locks to such resigning or retiring state employee shall be deposited in the state treasury in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 75-4215, and amendments thereto, and shall be credited to the appropriate special revenue fund of such state agency.

History: L. 2010, ch. 106, § 2; Apr. 29.