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2019 Statute

Section Number

79-5a01 - Public utility or public utilities; defined.
79-5a01c - Purpose of 2009 amendments to K.S.A. 79-5a01 related to underground storage of natural gas.
79-5a02 - Same; report to director of property valuation of information necessary for appraisal and apportionment of value of property; enforcement by attorney general.
79-5a03 - Same; contract by director for appraisal of property; annual determination of fair market value; records; investigations; unlawful acts.
79-5a04 - Same; valuation of real and personal property.
79-5a05 - Same; statement of appraised valuation; objection by utility, notice and informal conference; correction of valuation.
79-5a08 - Public utility or public utilities; acquisition of property of utility by another; public utility sales validation questionnaire required.
79-5a09 - Same; failure to comply with act; penalties.
79-5a10 - Application of 79-5a04.
79-5a11 - Administration and enforcement by secretary of revenue; rules and regulations.
79-5a12 - Application of 79-5a01, 79-5a06a and 79-5a11.
79-5a13 - Application of K.S.A. 79-5a01.
79-5a14 - Penalty for late filing of or failure to file statement listing property by public utility; abatement of penalty.
79-5a15 - Listing and appraisal of escaped public utility property; duties of director of property valuation; penalty; abatement or reduction.
79-5a25 - Apportionment of assessed valuation of certain utilities to taxing districts.
79-5a26 - Apportionment of assessed valuation of railroads to taxing districts.
79-5a27 - Certification of assessed valuations apportioned to taxing districts to county clerks; application for exemption, procedure.
79-5a28 - Application of 79-5a25 to 79-5a27.