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2019 Statute

Section Number

82a-901a - Legislative declaration.
82a-902 - State water resource planning act; definitions.
82a-903 - Same; formulation of state water plan; cooperation of state water agencies; advice of general public.
82a-905 - Same; public hearings on state water plan or sections thereof, procedure; approval by Kansas water authority and submission to legislature and governor of plan or sections thereof.
82a-906 - State water resource planning act; submission of plan and recommendations to governor and legislature.
82a-907 - State water resource planning act; considerations in formulation of state water plan.
82a-910 - Same; recommendations to federal agencies as to future water supply storage; agreements with federal government; petition concerning future water supply needs.
82a-911 - Same; recommendations of water office for inclusion in state plan of storage features for water supply on federal projects; findings.
82a-913 - Same; statement of state costs.
82a-915 - State water resource planning act; contracts with federal government relative to release of water from projects or reservoirs, when.
82a-920 - Same; projected costs of water management projects.
82a-922 - Same; expenditures from appropriations for Kansas water office, procedure.
82a-923 - State water plan; rules and regulations.
82a-924 - Same; liberal construction.
82a-925 - Same; invalidity of part.
82a-927 - State water plan; long-range goals.
82a-928 - State water plan; policies to achieve long-range goals listed.
82a-929 - Same; state responsibility for water.
82a-930 - Same; state responsibility to manage water conservation.
82a-931 - Same; intergovernmental coordination of planning.
82a-932 - Same; Kansas water office to negotiate with federal government, when.
82a-933 - Same; providing evidence of need to include storage features.
82a-934 - State water plan; agreements with federal government to pay for conservation storage features for water supply; limitations; reimbursement of costs.
82a-941 - Same; agencies to perform research related to water resources.
82a-942 - Same; United States powers not affected.
82a-943 - Same; liberal construction of act.
82a-944 - Same; severability.
82a-947 - Citation of act.
82a-951 - State water plan fund established; expenditures from fund; reports accounting for expenditures from fund.
82a-952 - Penalties imposed by K.S.A. 65-170d, 65-171s, 65-3419 and 65-3446 deposited in state water plan fund.
82a-953a - Transfers from state general fund to state water plan fund; reductions.
82a-954 - Water protection fee imposed; payment, by whom, when; collection by director of taxation; disposition of fees.