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June 23, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

44-501 - Compensation; disallowances; substance abuse testing; exceptions, pre-existing conditions; public service benefits protection act, coronary disease or cerebrovascular injury benefits for firefighters and law enforcement officers; liability limited for construction design professional; benefits reduced for certain retirement benefits.
44-501b - Legislative intent; employer obligation, burden of proof; liability.
44-501c - Public service benefits protection act.
44-502 - Reservation of penalties.
44-503 - Subcontracting.
44-503a - Multiple employment; apportionment of liability.
44-503c - Employment status of an owner-operator of a motor vehicle; definitions.
44-504 - Remedy against negligent third party; employer and workers compensation fund subrogated, exclusion; credits against future payments; limitation of actions; attorney fees.
44-505 - Application of act.
44-505b - County as self-insurer; establishment of reserve fund; retransfers.
44-505c - Local political and taxing subdivision; payment of workmen's compensation coverage.
44-505d - Firemen's relief association members; procedure for exemption and for coverage under act after exemption therefrom.
44-505e - Schools, area vocational-technical schools and community colleges as self-insurer; establishment of reserve fund; retransfers.
44-505f - City as self-insurer; establishment of reserve fund; retransfers.
44-506 - Application of act to certain businesses or employments, lands and premises.
44-508 - Definitions.
44-509 - Incapacitated workman or dependent; exercise of rights; limitation of actions.
44-510b - Compensation where death results from injury; compensation upon remarriage; apportionment; burial expenses; limitations on compensation; annual statement by surviving spouse.
44-510c - Compensation for permanent total and temporary total disabilities.
44-510d - Compensation for certain permanent partial disabilities; computation thereof; schedule.
44-510e - Compensation for temporary or permanent partial general disabilities; whole body injury; extent of disability; computation thereof; functional impairment defined; termination upon death from other causes; limitations; other remedies excluded.
44-510f - Employer's maximum liability for disability compensation; credit for unearned wages.
44-510g - Vocational rehabilitation, agreement of employer or insurance carrier; vocational rehabilitation administrator and assistants; qualified service providers, referrals.
44-510h - Medical compensation; change of health care provider; examination by alternate health care provider; faith healing; preventative hepatitis treatment; presumption of employer's obligations; termination of.
44-510i - Medical benefits; contract with or appointment of medical administrator; maximum medical fee schedule; advisory panel.
44-510j - Medical benefits; fee disputes; utilization and peer review.
44-510k - Post-award medical benefits; application; notice; attorney fees; termination or modification of benefits.
44-510l - Warning notice to injured employee.
44-511 - Definitions; average weekly wage; volunteers; state's average weekly wage.
44-512 - Time and manner of compensation payments.
44-512a - Failure to pay compensation when due; civil penalty; imposition and collection; attorney fees; other remedies.
44-512b - Failure to pay compensation prior to award without just cause; interest, penalty.
44-513a - Minors entitled to compensation; payment.
44-513b - Same; act supplemental.
44-514 - Payments not assignable; exception, orders for support.
44-515 - Medical examinations; suspension of benefits; travel and living expenses; availability of reports; disqualification of certain medical evidence; consideration of health care providers' opinions.
44-516 - Medical examination by neutral health care provider.
44-518 - Refusal of medical examination; effect.
44-519 - Certificate of health care provider as evidence.
44-520 - Notice of injury.
44-521 - Agreements; approval.
44-523 - Hearing procedure; time limitations on evidence and entry of award; prehearing settlement conference; recusal of administrative law judge; closure of claims; lack of prosecution.
44-525 - Form of findings and awards; effective date.
44-526 - Filing agreements, awards, etc.
44-527 - Final receipts.
44-528 - Review and modification of awards; reinstatement; cancellation; effective date.
44-529 - Judgment on agreement or awards.
44-530 - Staying proceedings upon an award.
44-531 - Redemption of liability; lump-sum payment of award; exception.
44-532 - Subrogation of insurer or group-funded pool to rights and duties of employer; methods of securing payment of compensation; failure to secure; penalties; notice to director by insurers; change of status notice by self-insurers and group-funded pool members; eligibility to self-insure; merging employers.
44-532a - Liability of workers compensation fund for uninsured or insufficiently self-insured insolvent employers; cause of action against such employers.
44-534 - Proceedings; time limitations; electronic filing system authorized.
44-534a - Preliminary hearings; orders for medical treatment and temporary total disability benefits; review of preliminary findings and orders; reimbursement from workers compensation fund.
44-535 - When the right to compensation accrues.
44-536 - Attorney fees; limitations; lien; review of contracts and fees claimed; matters to consider upon review; powers and duties of director and administrative law judge.
44-536a - Signing of pleadings, motions and other documents; liability for frivolous filings.
44-542a - Election by individual employer, partner or self-employed person.
44-543 - Election by certain employees.
44-545 - Defenses available in certain cases.
44-549 - Hearings, venue; final award of administrative law judge; hearing powers of director and board.
44-550 - Records of proceedings, documents; custody and preservation.
44-550b - Records open to public inspection, exceptions.
44-551 - Assistant directors, administrative law judges and special local administrative law judges; application, qualifications, appointment, reappointment, term; workers compensation and employment security boards nominating committee; judges' powers and duties, compensation, fees and expenses; review of findings and awards by workers compensation appeals board; delayed order on board review, effect; payment of medical compensation pending review.
44-552 - Record of hearing; certified shorthand reporter; transcript; costs.
44-553 - Witness fees.
44-554 - Depositions.
44-555 - Reporter's fees, assessment.
44-555c - Workers compensation appeals board; jurisdiction; composition and appointment; reappointment; term of office; qualifications, salary and expenses; panels; final orders, content and issuance.
44-556 - Judicial review of actions of the board; procedure; payment of compensation pending administrative and judicial review; application of 1993 amendments; reimbursement or credit for amounts paid under certain circumstances.
44-556a - Transfer of appeals due to constitutional defect.
44-557 - Employer's duty to report accidents; civil penalty for failure to report; recovery of penalties.
44-557a - Compilation and publication of statistics; database of information; submission of data; contracts for actuarial or statistical services.
44-559 - Insurance against liability; form and contents of policy.
44-559a - Workers compensation insurance; deductibles option; occurrence deductible defined; payment of deductible amount by insurer, reimbursement; premium credits; Kansas workers compensation insurance plan not to require deductibles option; group-fund pools may offer deductibles option.
44-561 - Reserves.
44-562 - Reports to insurance commissioner; inspection.
44-563 - Violation of act.
44-565 - Invalidity of part.
44-566 - Workers compensation fund to facilitate employment of handicapped workers; definitions.
44-566a - Workers compensation fund; annual assessment; administration; actions against fund, parties, settlement; liabilities of fund; annual report; actuarial review.
44-567 - Same; employment or retention of handicapped workers; relief from or apportionment of liability for subsequent injuries; knowledge of impairment; presumptions; commissioner of insurance to be impleaded.
44-569 - Same; awards for subsequent injuries to handicapped workers; apportionment of amounts due; duties of commissioner of insurance; employer's liability when fund insufficient, reimbursement.
44-569a - Same; employer or insurance carrier reimbursed from fund, when.
44-570 - Same; employer's liability for no-dependent deaths; awards to fund; duties of commissioner of insurance; refund.
44-572 - Same; review; modification or cancellation of awards.
44-573 - Rules and regulations; filing.
44-574 - Construing and citing workers compensation laws; severability.
44-575 - State workers compensation self-insurance fund; state agencies self-insured as single employer; administration; state workplace health and safety program.
44-576 - State workers compensation self-insurance fund; self-insurance assessment against state agencies; rate.
44-577 - Same; claims for compensation by state employees; service of claims; defense of fund; regional emergency medical response team.
44-578 - Same; administrative rules and regulations.
44-579 - Same; copies of accident reports to secretary of administration.
44-580 - Same; construction of 44-575 to 44-580.
44-581 - Group-funded workers compensation pools; requirements.
44-582 - Same; certificate of authority; application; commissioner's review of surplus funds.
44-583 - Same; irrevocable consent; service of process on commissioner of insurance.
44-584 - Same; certificate of authority, renewal, suspension, revocation; examinations.
44-585 - Same; premiums; contributions; deposit of premiums; refunds.
44-586 - Same; premiums; use; investments.
44-587 - Same; group-funded workers' compensation pools fee fund; expense of administration; assessments.
44-588 - Same; premium tax; payment.
44-589 - Same; assessments; subject to article 24 of chapter 40 of Kansas Statutes Annotated.
44-590 - Same; new members; application; termination.
44-591 - Same; board of trustees; duties.
44-592 - Same; licensing of persons soliciting workers compensation insurance.
44-593 - Reorganization of pool agreement under 12-2216 et seq.
44-594 - Same; confidentiality of certain financial information.
44-5,101 - Informational and educational materials; contents; language; distribution to insured and self-insured.
44-5,102 - Same; distribution upon notice of injury; preparation and dissemination.
44-5,103 - Same; cooperation by and duties of self-insurers and insurance companies and other benefit delivery entities; continuing education activities.
44-5,104 - Accident prevention programs; requirements and reports; inspections; duties of secretary of labor; failure to maintain, penalties.
44-5,110 - Ombudsman program; qualifications and appointment of ombudsmen; special ombudsmen, contracts; dissemination of program information.
44-5,117 - Mediation conferences.
44-5,120 - Fraudulent or abusive acts or practices; defined; powers, duties and functions of director of workers compensation and commissioner of insurance; application of section; administrative investigation and enforcement; hearings; costs; cease and desist orders; civil penalties; repayments, interest; review referrals, immunity.
44-5,121 - Same; cause of action to recover economic losses.
44-5,122 - Same; acts or practices constituting crimes, procedure; reporting alleged violations; review and investigation.
44-5,123 - Same; immunity from civil liability for reporting information in good faith.
44-5,124 - Assistant attorney general; appointment within division of workers compensation; duties.
44-5,125 - Workers compensation fraud and other acts or practices constituting crimes; penalties; repayment of certain amounts, interest; cause of action, certain monetary damages.
44-5,126 - Severability.
44-5,127 - Affidavit of exempt status; fraud; penalties.
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