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June 23, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

68-2301 - Express highways and freeways; establishment of system; location; construction; transfer of funds to state highway fund; financing; allocation and programming of funds, priorities; feasibility studies of designating portions of system as toll roads.
68-2302 - Same; definitions.
68-2303 - Same; powers of secretary of transportation.
68-2304 - Express highways and freeways; issuance of highway bonds by secretary of transportation; purpose; amounts and limitations; payment of principal and interest; maximum rate of interest and period of maturity; redemption, conditions of sales; amortization; execution; signatures, form; negotiability; notice of sale; bidding conditions and procedure; replacement; issuance; disposition of proceeds; state freeway construction fund, creation, purpose.
68-2305 - Same; no debt incurred nor faith and credit of state or political subdivisions pledged by issuance of bonds.
68-2306 - Same; annual expenditures from freeway fund and freeway construction fund; purposes; computation of amounts; payments constitute lien and claim on freeway fund.
68-2307 - Same; revenue refunding bonds; purpose; conditions of issuance, investment of proceeds, when, conditions.
68-2308 - Same; rights of bondholders.
68-2309 - Same; interest and income from bonds exempt from taxation, exception.
68-2310 - Same; bonds deemed securities; acquisition and deposit.
68-2311 - Express highways and freeways; management and investment of moneys in freeway fund and freeway construction fund; standards and limitations; powers and duties of secretary of transportation and pooled money investment board.
68-2312 - Same; relationship of act to and applicability of other laws; extent of secretary of transportation's powers.
68-2314b - Transportation works for Kansas program; projects; programs.
68-2314c - Eisenhower legacy transportation program; projects; programs; project selection process and criteria; development of long-range transportation plan by secretary.
68-2315 - Report to legislature by secretary of transportation, information to be included therein; posting of report.
68-2316 - Minimum expenditure for transportation projects or programs in each county.
68-2317 - Highway contracts; providing for prevailing wages.
68-2319 - Highway program; bonds; definitions.
68-2320 - Powers of secretary of transportation; issuance of bonds; limitations.
68-2321 - Issuance of bonds; term; highway bond proceeds fund, created; investment of proceeds; execution of trust indenture.
68-2322 - Sale of bonds; no debt incurred nor faith and credit of state pledged by issuance of bonds.
68-2323 - Use of proceeds from bonds.
68-2324 - Secretary of transportation to have management of state highway fund and investment of such fund.
68-2325 - Highway bond debt service fund, created; investment of moneys; payment of debt service on bonds.
68-2326 - Bonds tax exempt.
68-2327 - Authority to establish special accounts by secretary of transportation.
68-2328 - Authority to issue refunding bonds; refunding freeway bonds.
68-2329 - Liberal construction of 68-2319 through 68-2328.
68-2330 - Bonds deemed securities; acquisition and deposit.
68-2331 - Financing of comprehensive transportation program; issuance of revenue bonds by Kansas development finance authority; conditions and requirements.
68-2332 - Alternative delivery transportation projects; conditions and restrictions; selection process; contractor requirements; liability for design defects.
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