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June 15, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

75-5201 - Purpose and construction.
75-5202 - Definitions.
75-5203 - Department of corrections; secretary; appointment and confirmation; salary and expenses; qualifications; oath; application of K-GOAL.
75-5204 - Division within department; deputy secretaries; qualifications and salary.
75-5205 - Powers and duties of secretary of corrections; employees; office space.
75-5206 - Placement and transfer of inmates; interagency agreements to temporarily house local offenders.
75-5209 - Transfer of inmates for observation and diagnosis or treatment; costs; correspondence by inmates.
75-5210 - Treatment of inmates; records; security status, incentives and presumption for certain offenders; health standards; furloughs; disciplinary rules and regulations; work and educational release; correctional work facilities; construction and repair of state buildings; contracts.
75-5210a - Programs designed to prepare inmate for release on parole supervision; agreements between secretary and inmate; completion of program reported to prisoner review board; inmate eligible for parole prior to completion of program; agreement entered into inmate's record.
75-5211 - Inmate employment and training; withdrawals from pay; assistance upon release.
75-5212 - Training for corrections and parole officers.
75-5214 - Parole officers; appointment; powers; expenses; volunteer or contract services.
75-5216 - Parole officers; duties; guidance developed by secretary of corrections.
75-5217 - Violation of conditions of release; notice to appear or arrest, procedure; detention; hearing and order of board, rules and regulations.
75-5218 - Offenders sentenced to custody of secretary of corrections; notice to secretary; judgment form or journal entry; transfer of certified copies to the secretary and others; notice of modified sentence sent to secretary.
75-5219 - Copy of evidence transmitted to secretary; use of record.
75-5220 - Transfer of offender to reception and diagnostic unit, when; custody pending transfer; expenses paid by county; female offenders; transfer of court record; juvenile offenders; offenders designated to participate in substance abuse treatment programs; costs of medical care of certain offenders.
75-5221 - Record of inmates.
75-5222 - Apprehension of escaped inmate; warrant for; reward for apprehension.
75-5223 - Religious materials, furnishing to inmates.
75-5224 - Contagious disease or catastrophe; removal of inmates.
75-5225 - Defect in order of commitment, no ground for action against warden or secretary.
75-5226 - Unlawful use of inmate labor.
75-5229 - Women sentenced to secretary's custody; examination, study, program; juvenile inmate.
75-5233 - Contracting for transportation of inmates.
75-5246 - Wardens, appointment; civil service; references to former director means warden.
75-5247 - Oaths of corrections officers; uniforms.
75-5247a - Powers and duties of corrections officers.
75-5248 - Social counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist for certain correctional institutions.
75-5249 - Chief physician; duties.
75-5250 - Officers and employees of correctional institutions; appointment; reassignment; moving expenses.
75-5251 - Government and discipline of correctional institutions; release supervision services; duties of secretary; investigatory powers; rules and regulations.
75-5252 - Duties of wardens of institutions.
75-5253 - Rules and regulations; contracts.
75-5254 - Accounts and monthly reports by warden.
75-5255 - Reports of operations, moneys and property by warden.
75-5256 - Orders of warden; publication and availability to inmates of orders and rules and regulations.
75-5257 - Money and property of inmates; accounts.
75-5258 - Deputy wardens; designation; duties.
75-5259 - Record of conduct of inmates; report.
75-5260 - Release of inmate from confinement unaccompanied by custodial agent, when.
75-5266 - Psychiatric evaluation reports privileged.
75-5267 - Work release program; release from confinement, purposes; educational release programs; use of local facilities; contracts; disposition of products of inmate labor.
75-5268 - Work release and job training programs; disposition of compensation.
75-5269 - Failure of prisoner to remain within limits or to return within time prescribed, deemed aggravated escape.
75-5273 - Prison-made goods.
75-5274 - Same; definitions.
75-5275 - Prison-made goods; establishment of industries at correctional institutions; authorized sales; contracts for certain work projects, conditions.
75-5275a - Same; home building program; limitations on production of manufactured or modular homes.
75-5276 - Same; purchase of goods and services by public agencies, organizations and state employees; certain state agency purchases mandated.
75-5277 - Same; exceptions to mandatory purchase requirement.
75-5278 - Same; director of accounts and reports bound by voucher or warrant; intentional violation; penalty.
75-5280 - Same; prices determined by secretary of corrections; exception for private enterprises.
75-5281 - Prison-made goods; self-liquidating contracts.
75-5282 - Correctional industries fund.
75-5284 - Goods, wares and merchandise divested of interstate character on arrival in state.
75-5285 - Transfer of existing designations to parole authority or officers.
75-5286 - Severability.
75-5288 - Lease of facilities at correctional institutions for private enterprises; term; inmate employment; laws applicable to lessees; authority over institutions and inmates preserved.
75-5289 - Same; disposition of lease proceeds.
75-5290 - Short title.
75-5291 - Community correctional services; grants to counties; placement of offenders, limitations; community corrections advisory committee, membership and duties.
75-5292 - Same; qualifications; powers of county commissioners preserved; cooperative agreements.
75-5293 - Payment for expenses of corrections advisory board of county or group of cooperating counties without an approved plan.
75-5294 - Assistance to counties and advisory boards by secretary of corrections; administration of act; rules and regulations.
75-5295 - Powers of counties or groups of counties under act.
75-5296 - Comprehensive plans for correctional services, approval prerequisite for grants; additional requirements; operating standards; annual review; suspension of grants, procedure.
75-5297 - Corrections advisory boards; membership, qualifications, appointment; alternative membership, qualification and appointment provisions for cooperating counties.
75-5298 - Corrections advisory boards; terms; vacancies; officers; open proceedings, rules.
75-5299 - Same; participation in formulating comprehensive plans.
75-52,100 - Purchase of correctional services from state under comprehensive plans; determination of costs, grant deductions.
75-52,102 - Comprehensive plans for correctional services; requirements; new program proposals.
75-52,103 - Grants; expenditures for correctional services, determined pursuant to 75-52,111; grant reductions; transfer of grant amounts to other counties.
75-52,105 - Semiannual grant payments; certified expenditure statements by counties.
75-52,107 - State and county purchase of correctional services from grant-receiving counties.
75-52,110 - Required participation by counties in community corrections, options; chief judge, recommendations.
75-52,111 - Community corrections grants; determination of grant amounts; reductions.
75-52,112 - Community correction grants; goals; county priority; proposal requirements; implementation timelines; evaluation, continued funding; secretary's report.
75-52,113 - Community corrections supervision fund.
75-52,116 - Work by inmates outside correctional institutions; agency relationship not established between state and supervisory entity; limitations; compensation.
75-52,119 - Secretary of corrections authorized to purchase certain real estate in Jefferson county; title approval by attorney general; uses.
75-52,120 - Same; pooled money investment board to loan funds therefor; interest rate; payment of principal and interest from correctional industries fund.
75-52,121 - Same; terms and conditions of repayment; period of loan.
75-52,122 - Ellsworth correctional facility; establishment.
75-52,123 - Same; use.
75-52,124 - Same; management and control; warden.
75-52,125 - Control and management of certain buildings and grounds used as correctional institutions.
75-52,126 - Payment of claims to medical vendors not filed within fiscal year; limitation.
75-52,127 - Conservation camps.
75-52,128 - Inmate housing opportunities in cities and counties; secretary to consider.
75-52,129 - Placement of inmates in facilities owned and operated by cities and towns; guidelines and limitations.
75-52,130 - Financing for new correctional and mental health facilities; pooled money investment board to loan funds therefor; interest; terms and conditions.
75-52,131 - Redesignation of certain correctional institutions; vesting of properties; references in statutes and other documents.
75-52,131a - Same; vesting of properties; references in statutes and other documents.
75-52,132 - Community correctional conservation camp in Labette county; approved for bond financing.
75-52,133 - Prohibition of certain local and private prisons.
75-52,134 - Use of Topeka correctional facility.
75-52,135 - Personal property of inmates, abandonment; disposition.
75-52,136 - Lease of land under secretary's control for production of oil, gas or other minerals.
75-52,137 - Consolidation of El Dorado correctional work facility into El Dorado correctional facility.
75-52,138 - Certain civil actions filed by inmate; exhaustion of administrative remedies required.
75-52,139 - Secretary adopts rules and regulations for offenders to pay fees; expenditures; department of corrections victim assistance fund.
75-52,140 - Severability clause.
75-52,141 - Conveyance of real estate in Ellsworth county.
75-52,142 - Same; definition of tracts; authority of secretary.
75-52,142a - Conveyance of real estate in Leavenworth county; authority of the secretary.
75-52,144 - Certified drug abuse treatment programs; presentence criminal risk-need assessment; certified treatment providers; cost of programs.
75-52,145 - Secretary authorized to convey property in Reno county to city of Hutchinson.
75-52,146 - Comprehensive plan for prison expansion, specialized facilities and training academy.
75-52,147 - Death of inmate in custody of secretary of corrections or juvenile in custody of commissioner of juvenile justice; investigation by Kansas bureau of investigation.
75-52,148 - Report on serious offenses committed by sex offenders while in custody of secretary; annual report to the legislature.
75-52,149 - High-risk sex offenders; graduated risk assessment.
75-52,150 - Correctional services special revenue fund.
75-52,151 - Department of corrections forensic psychologist fund.
75-52,152 - Prisoner review board; establishment.
75-52,153 - Same; Kansas parole board abolished.
75-52,154 - Same; successor to Kansas parole board.
75-52,155 - Same; transfer of funds and accounts; use.
75-52,156 - Same; conflicts; property and records.
75-52,157 - Same; no abatement of civil as criminal proceedings.
75-52,158 - Secretary authorized to sell property in Reno county to Reno county for law enforcement purposes.
75-52,159 - Secretary authorized to purchase St. Francis boy's home.
75-52,160 - Justice reinvestment working group; members; duties.
75-52,161 - Juvenile justice oversight committee.
75-52,162 - Confidential data exchange for juvenile justice system.
75-52,163 - Funding for juvenile immediate intervention programs.
75-52,164 - Evidence-based programs account of the state general fund.
75-52,165 - Prohibition against outsourcing or privatizing security operations of any correctional institution or juvenile correctional facility without prior legislative authorization; rules and regulations.
75-52,166 - Authorization to convey property in Mitchell county to the city of Beloit.
75-52,167 - Public-private partnership for construction projects relating to correctional institutions; definitions.
75-52,168 - Same; authorization to enter into agreements; analysis of feasibility; advise and consult the joint committee on state building construction; issuance of bonds; annual reports.
75-52,169 - Same; budget for projects; authorization for establishment of a nonprofit corporation.
75-52,170 - Same; duties of the secretary; requirements of agreements.
75-52,171 - Same; sovereign immunity of the state.
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