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2012 Statute


12-631c.Same; service charges; ordinance for management and operation; contracts; sale or disposal; tax revenue not to be used. Any city so acquiring any such sewers or sewage facilities as provided in K.S.A. 12-631b, shall have the right to own, operate and maintain such facilities whether located within or without such city and shall have the right to establish just, reasonable, and equitable service charges to be paid to such city for the use of such sewer system, said charges to be based on the quantity and character of both the sewage discharged into the sewer system of the city: Provided further, Sufficient charges may be made for connections to property outside the city to compensate for capital investments made by the city for the sewer system.

The governing body of such city shall have the power to pass ordinances providing rules and regulations for the management and operation of such sewer system, the collection of the charges and the disposition of the revenues therefrom: Provided further, Such city shall have the power to make contracts with persons, firms, corporations, boards of county commissioners, township trustees, sewer districts and other municipalities and political subdivisions for the use and maintenance of such sewers and sewage facilities upon such terms and conditions for such term of years as the governing body of such city may deem proper. Any city so acquiring such facilities shall have the right to sell and dispose of same or any part thereof as may be deemed expedient and to the public interest. No revenue derived from ad valorem taxes shall be used for the acquisition, operation and maintenance of the sewer facilities provided for in this act.

History: L. 1947, ch. 131, § 2; April 4.