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2012 Statute


74-509.Duties of commissioner. It shall be the duty of such irrigation commissioner:

(1) To gather data, information and statistics from the existing irrigation plants in the state concerning the water supply and methods of securing the same and the methods employed in applying water to crops, and he shall tabulate and preserve in available form such information and shall publish and distribute the same from time to time;

(2) to visit the site of any proposed irrigation plant in the state upon the request of any citizen of the state and advise as to the feasibility of installing such plant and furnish plans and specifications therefor upon request, such visits to be made only when his actual expenses therefor are guaranteed by the person requesting such visit;

(3) to operate by lease under competitive bids all existing irrigation plants now owned by the state of Kansas, and installed by the board of irrigation, survey, experiment and demonstration, or the state irrigation commissioner, until such time as he shall have determined the feasibility of irrigation under conditions existing at each of such plants, and all proceeds from the operation of any such plants shall be paid into and become a part of the funds herein provided, for the payment of the expenses of conducting such department;

(4) to immediately take charge of all property of every kind and nature now belonging to the state of Kansas and heretofore purchased or otherwise acquired by the board of irrigation, survey, experiment and demonstration, and the state irrigation commissioner and shall have authority to sell and dispose of any such property not including real estate and not necessary for carrying out the work of such department;

(5) to make quarterly reports to the secretary of agriculture, including itemized accounts of all receipts and expenditures of such department.

History: L. 1919, ch. 218, § 4; R.S. 1923, 74-509; L. 2004, ch. 101, § 118; July 1.