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2012 Statute

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75-7c03. License to carry concealed handgun; issuance; form; display on demand of law enforcement officer; reciprocity. (a) The attorney general shall issue licenses to carry concealed handguns to persons who comply with the application and training requirements of this act and who are not disqualified under K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 75-7c04, and amendments thereto. Such licenses shall be valid throughout the state for a period of four years from the date of issuance.

(b) The license shall be a separate card, in a form prescribed by the attorney general, that is approximately the size of a Kansas driver's license and shall bear the licensee's signature, name, address, date of birth and driver's license number or nondriver's identification card number except that the attorney general shall assign a unique number for military applicants or their dependents described in subsection (a)(1)(B) of K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 75-7c05, and amendments thereto. At all times when the licensee is in actual possession of a concealed handgun, the licensee shall carry the valid license to carry concealed handguns. On demand of a law enforcement officer, the licensee shall display the license to carry concealed handguns and proper identification. Verification by a law enforcement officer that a person holds a valid license to carry a concealed handgun may be accomplished by record check using the person's driver's license information or the person's concealed carry license number.

The license of any person who violates the provisions of this subsection shall be suspended for not less than 30 days upon the first violation and shall be revoked for not less than five years upon a second or subsequent violation. However, a violation of this subsection shall not constitute a violation of subsection (a)(4) of K.S.A. 21-4201, prior to its repeal, or subsection (a)(4) of K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 21-6302, and amendments thereto, if the licensee's license is valid.

(c) A valid license, issued by any other state or the District of Columbia, to carry a firearm shall be recognized as valid in this state, but only while the holder is not a resident of Kansas, if the attorney general determines that standards for issuance of such license or permit by such state or district are reasonably similar to or greater than the standards imposed by this act. The attorney general shall maintain and publish a list of such other jurisdictions which the attorney general determines have standards reasonably similar to or greater than the standards imposed by this act.

(d) A person who establishes residency in this state may carry concealed handguns under the terms of this act until the person's application for a license under this act is approved or denied, provided that the person has been issued and possesses a valid license or permit to carry a firearm from a jurisdiction recognized by the attorney general under subsection (c) and carries with that license or permit a receipt issued by the attorney general, which states the person's application for licensure under this act has been received. For purposes of such application, possession of the valid nonresident license or permit to carry a firearm shall satisfy the requirements of subsection (b)(2) of K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 75-7c04, and amendments thereto.

History: L. 2006, ch. 32, § 3; L. 2006, ch. 210, § 1; L. 2009, ch. 101, § 1; L. 2010, ch. 140, § 3; L. 2011, ch. 30, § 266; July 1.

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