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2012 Statute


76-811.Definitions. The following words and terms, unless the context clearly indicates a different meaning, shall have the following respective meanings:

(a) "Act," this act as enacted by the legislature of the state;

(b) "board," the state board of regents as provided for in article 6, section 3 of the constitution of the state and as described in article 32 of chapter 74 of Kansas Statutes Annotated, or if said board shall be abolished, the board, body, commission or authority succeeding to the principal functions thereof or to whom the powers given by this act to the board shall be given by law;

(c) "bonds" or "revenue bonds," the bonds authorized to be issued under this act;

(d) "cost of the project," all the cost of construction, the cost of the acquisition of all property, both real and personal, the cost of demolishing or removing any structures, the cost of all machinery, furnishings, fixtures, equipment and other personal property, financing charges, interest prior to and during construction and, if determined advisable by the board, for a period not exceeding one year after completion of construction, cost of surveys, plans, engineering, architectural, fiscal and legal services, expenses necessary or incident to determining the feasibility of constructing the project, the establishment of reasonable reserves to secure the bonds, administrative and similar expenses necessary or incident to the construction of the project and issuance of the bonds;

(e) "current expenses" for any period, the current expenses (not capital expenditures) incurred during such period by the board in the operation, repair and maintenance of the medical center;

(f) "gross revenue" for any period, all income, proceeds and receipts derived by the board during such period from its ownership, operation or use of, or the services rendered by, the medical center together with the project, including but not limited to rents, tuition, fees, charges, payments for hospital, medical or other services, proceeds of insurance, condemnation awards and sales of property including drugs, medicines and supplies, and also such donations, grants, bequests, gifts and legislative appropriations and other receipts and moneys as may be lawfully made available therefor;

(g) "medical center" or "university of Kansas medical center," the facility and plant of the university of Kansas located in Kansas City, Kansas, commonly known as the medical center, as now constituted and as hereinafter increased in scope by the project and other improvements and after-acquired property, including all of the land, buildings, structures, facilities, equipment and other real and personal property thereof;

(h) "net revenue" for any period, the amount of the gross revenue for such period in excess of the current expenses for such period;

(i) "project," additions and improvements to the medical center, comprising a basic science building, a clinical facility addition and the renovation and remodeling of existing facilities and including, among other facilities, buildings, land and interests in land, streets, rights-of-way, parking lots and other parking facilities, structures, fixtures, utilities, machinery, equipment, furnishings, classrooms, laboratories, kitchen and dining facilities, landscaping and appurtenances, as determined by the board;

(j) "state," the state of Kansas.

History: L. 1973, ch. 380, § 2; April 25.