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2019 Statute

Section Number

12-1708 - Use of utility building or equipment for governmental purposes.
12-1708a - Leasing of certain property for industrial development.
12-1708b - Same; resolution; records.
12-1736 - Acquisition or construction of public buildings; sites; cooperating governmental units.
12-1737 - Same; methods of financing authorized; issuance of bonds after election; tax levy, use of proceeds; protest petition and election; investment of fund; issuance of no-fund warrants.
12-1738 - Lease of all or part of public building by city; terms; building invested with historical or cultural value; building no longer required for city purposes.
12-1739 - Same; sale of building, when; disposition of moneys.
12-1739a - Bonds and proceedings under 12-1736 et seq. validated.
12-1740 - Purpose of act; revenue bonds.
12-1740a - Use of eminent domain power.
12-1741 - Issuance of revenue bonds by cities; lease-purchase agreements.
12-1741a - Location of facilities; letter of intent, resolution of intent or inducement resolution; approval required, when.
12-1741b - Issuance of revenue bonds by counties; lease-purchase agreements; location of facilities; letter of intent, resolution of intent or inducement resolution, approval required, when.
12-1742 - Conditions of leases and lease-purchase agreements; origination fee; apportionment of payments in lieu of taxes; administrative costs.
12-1743 - Same; obligations payable solely from rentals; bonds, requirements.
12-1744 - Same; pledge of facility and earnings.
12-1744a - Issuance of revenue bonds; statements filed with state court of tax appeals, contents; filing fee; annual informational report required.
12-1744b - Same; findings by state board of tax appeals; filing.
12-1744c - Same; certification of issuance and verification by bond counsel.
12-1744d - Same; failure to file notice; ouster of members of governing body.
12-1744e - Same; notice of intent to enter lease-purchase agreement with retailer to be published in paper; inducement resolution on file.
12-1745 - Same; amount of revenue bonds.
12-1746 - Same; bonds and income therefrom exempt from taxation.
12-1747 - Same; revenue bonds defined; recitals.
12-1748 - Same; construction of act.
12-1749 - Same; act supplemental.
12-1749a - Issuance of refunding bonds; conditions and restrictions.
12-1749b - Issuance of revenue bonds; certain purposes prohibited.
12-1749c - Same; notice to school districts.
12-1749d - Same; cost and benefit analysis; hearing.
12-1750 - Unsafe or dangerous structures; abandoned property; commercial real estate; definitions.
12-1751 - Same; powers of governing body.
12-1752 - Same; notice and hearing.
12-1753 - Same; findings; resolution; contents; notice.
12-1754 - Same; duties of owner after removal of structure.
12-1755 - Same; salvage, sale; assessment and collection of costs; procedure.
12-1756 - Same; immediate hazard; action to protect public; notice not required; cost.
12-1756a - Rehabilitation of abandoned property; petition for possession; service of process; affirmative defense; rehabilitation plan; lease of property.
12-1756b - Same; annual report, contents.
12-1756c - Same; procedure to obtain possession by owner; hearing.
12-1756d - Same; organization's right to redeem.
12-1756e - Same; petition for judicial deed; conditions.
12-1756f - Organizations interested in rehabilitating abandoned property.
12-1756g - Occupation of rehabilitated house by purchaser.
12-1757 - Public building commission; authorized; municipal corporation.
12-1758 - Same; creation of commission; acquisition of sites and facilities; pledge of revenue.
12-1759 - Same; ordinance or resolution specifications.
12-1760 - Same; powers of commission.
12-1761 - Same; issuance of revenue bonds, purpose; refunding bonds; election required in certain cities.
12-1762 - Same; fixing of rates and charges.
12-1763 - Same; rental of building space and other facilities; exception.
12-1764 - Acquisition of fee title to realty.
12-1764a - Transfer of property owned by Topeka public building commission to Shawnee county.
12-1765 - Leases by political subdivisions, state departments within county or boards of county commissioners.
12-1766 - Same; use of certain building levy to prepay rent.
12-1767 - Same; revenue bonds issued by a city; resolution; protest petition; election.
12-1767b - Same; revenue bonds issued by a county; resolution; protest petition; election.
12-1768 - Same; invalidity of part.
12-1770 - Purpose of act; issuance of special obligation bonds and full faith and credit tax increment bonds.
12-1770a - Definitions.
12-1771 - Procedure for establishing redevelopment district or bioscience development district; hearings; notice to landowners; modification of district boundaries.
12-1771a - Environmentally contaminated areas; financing of investigation and remediation; tax increment bonds.
12-1771b - Redevelopment district containing an auto race track facility; procedure for establishing; bond issuance limitations; revenue redirected upon collections sufficient to satisfy bond obligation.
12-1771e - Flood-plain condition redevelopment district; financing of investigation and remediation of flooding; tax increments, procedures and requirements.
12-1772 - Procedure for establishing a redevelopment project or bioscience development project; project plan; hearing; posthearing changes.
12-1773 - Acquisition of property; eminent domain, procedure; transfer by developer subject to approval by governing body.
12-1774 - Special obligation bonds and full faith and credit tax increment bonds; procedure for issuance; limitations; payment; exempt from taxation; refunding of bonds; loans from transportation revolving fund.
12-1774a - Default; payment from public funds, when.
12-1775 - Taxing subdivision and real property taxes defined; assessment and distribution of taxes; pledge of proceeds of bonds.
12-1775a - Tax increment financing revenue replacement fund created; transfers, calculation of amount.
12-1776 - Transmittal of documents to county and school district; increase in valuation not considered for certain purposes; certification of increased valuation.
12-1776a - School districts; base year assessed valuation.
12-1777 - Relocation assistance plan.
12-1778 - Object of taxes levied within redevelopment district.
12-1779 - Issuance of industrial revenue bonds in redevelopment district.
12-1780 - Severability.
12-1780a - Application of act.
12-1780g - Application of act, by ordinance.
12-1781 - Citation of act.
12-1782 - Business improvement districts; definitions.
12-1783 - Same; authorization; purpose.
12-1784 - Same; services.
12-1785 - Same; appointment of planning committee; report.
12-1786 - Same; resolution.
12-1787 - Same; notice; hearing.
12-1788 - Same; creation of district by ordinance.
12-1789 - Same; protest petition to repeal ordinance; dissolution of district.
12-1790 - Same; advisory board; duties.
12-1791 - Same; levy of service fees; classification of businesses; factors to consider.
12-1792 - Same; special fund.
12-1793 - Same; modification of included area; notice, hearing.
12-1794 - Citation of act.
12-1795 - Self-supported municipal improvement district; definitions.
12-1796 - Same; establishment of district; petition, when; overall plan; hearing; resolution; notice; protest; governing body of the district.
12-1797 - Same; appeal, when.
12-1798 - Same; amendment to ordinance; effect; protest petition.
12-1799 - Same; dissolution of district, when; withdrawal of dissolution, when.
12-17,101a - Same; hearing required before contract let or improvement authorized; notice.
12-17,102 - Same; advisory board; report; consultation with planning commission; tax levy.
12-17,103 - Same; bonds; source of revenue to pay bonds; petition and election, when; effect of dissolution.
12-17,104 - Same; acquisition of property by gift, purchase, exchange or eminent domain; procedure.
12-17,105 - Same; establishment of funds.
12-17,106 - Same; severability.
12-17,114 - Neighborhood revitalization; title of act.
12-17,115 - Same; definitions.
12-17,116 - Same; designation of revitalization area; findings.
12-17,117 - Same; revitalization plan, contents; notice and hearing.
12-17,118 - Same; neighborhood revitalization fund; application for tax rebates; impact on state aid to school districts.
12-17,119 - Same; interlocal agreements.
12-17,120 - Same; act not exclusive authority for revitalization.
12-17,121 - Downtown redevelopment act; purpose; citation of act.
12-17,122 - Same; definitions.
12-17,123 - Same; application for designation as downtown redevelopment area; approval or denial by secretary of commerce, criteria.
12-17,124 - Same; application of real property owners for tax benefits; approval or denial, criteria.
12-17,125 - Same; taxation of real property approved for tax benefits; rebate of property tax increments to taxpayers.
12-17,140 - Transportation development district act; citation.
12-17,141 - Same; definitions.
12-17,142 - Same; creation of district; petition; procedure.
12-17,143 - Same; special assessments, procedure; act not exclusive authority.
12-17,144 - Same; notice; public hearing; governing body's action.
12-17,145 - Same; sales tax; director of taxation, duties.
12-17,146 - Same; limitations on suits challenging actions under act.
12-17,147 - Same; methods of financing.
12-17,147a - Same; costs of project, how paid.
12-17,148 - Same; fund of the district.
12-17,149 - Same; bonds; loans from the transportation revolving fund.
12-17,150 - Same; secretary of revenue, duties; report.
12-17,151 - Same; application to existing districts.
12-17,152 - Public improvement districts; creation.
12-17,153 - Same; financing; taxing authority; election; collection of tax; public improvement district sales tax fund.
12-17,154 - Same; powers.
12-17,155 - Same; issuance and sale of general obligation bonds; election.
12-17,160 - Purpose of act; issuance of sales tax and revenue bonds.
12-17,161 - Citation of act.
12-17,162 - Definitions.
12-17,163 - City or county may designate building as historic theater.
12-17,164 - Establishment of STAR bond projects by city or county; approval of secretary; limitations; administrative fees; recovery of certain costs.
12-17,165 - Procedure for establishing STAR bond project district; hearings; notice; limitations.
12-17,166 - Procedure for establishing STAR bond project; feasibility study; project plan; hearings; notice; posthearing changes; transmittal of documents to county and school district; project commencement and completion.
12-17,167 - Approval of secretary; limitations; interest rate of bond issue.
12-17,168 - Additional STAR bond issuance authority for existing project; approval of secretary; limitations.
12-17,169 - Special obligation bonds and full faith and credit tax increment bonds; procedure for issuance; limitations; payment; exempt from taxation; refunding of bonds; status reports.
12-17,170 - Default; payment from public funds, when.
12-17,171 - Addition or removal of real property within district; division of district; procedure.
12-17,172 - Acquisition of property; eminent domain, procedure; sale or lease to developer; use only for specific STAR bond project; transfer by developer of unused property.
12-17,173 - Relocation assistance plan.
12-17,174 - Excise tax returns to be furnished upon request by municipality; secretary to determine satisfaction of bond debt.
12-17,175 - Certain STAR bond projects; limitation on authorized issuance of bonds; interest rate.
12-17,176 - STAR bond projects using state financing; annual audit at municipality expense, scope; reporting, repayment, when.
12-17,177 - STAR bond project district containing an auto race track facility; approval; financing, bond issuance, limitations; reporting requirements; secretary to determine satisfaction of bond debt.
12-17,178 - Severability.
12-17,179 - Application of act, by ordinance; expiration of act.