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2019 Statute


12-1758. Same; creation of commission; acquisition of sites and facilities; pledge of revenue. (a) Any city or county, by appropriate ordinance or resolution, may create a public building commission for the purposes of acquiring a site or sites for and constructing, reconstructing, equipping and furnishing a building or buildings or other facilities of a revenue producing character, including parking facilities, or for purchasing or otherwise acquiring such building or buildings or facilities. Such building or buildings or facilities shall be maintained and operated for a county courthouse, the housing and accommodation of county offices or county business or for city offices or such other purposes as are commonly carried on in connection with such facilities or in county courthouses and general city buildings, including administrative offices for school districts and housing, accommodations and parking facilities for offices of state and federal agencies.

(b) A public building commission created by a city or county may acquire land and facilities adjacent to, near, or for the use of any educational institution under the supervision and control of the state board of regents or a municipal university or may acquire by lease, land and facilities constituting a part of the campus of any such institution. Any public building commission may construct, reconstruct, equip and furnish such facilities on such land and lease such land and facilities to the official governing body of such institution. Any such lease entered into shall pledge the net revenue from such land and facilities. Any city also may pledge such funds as may be necessary from those which are provided to be paid over to the board of trustees from the annual tax levy as provided by K.S.A. 76-3a07, and amendments thereto. Any county also may pledge such funds as may be necessary from those which are provided to be paid over to such institution from a special levy authorized for such purpose under K.S.A. 19-117, and amendments thereto. The governing body of such city or county is hereby authorized to designate any surplus from such tax levy as may be necessary to guarantee the rentals under any such lease, and such city or county is hereby exempted from the provisions of K.S.A. 10-1101 to 10-1122, inclusive, and 79-2925, and amendments thereto, to the extent necessary to enable such city or county to make a covenant to effect such guarantee.

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